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Audition's KP The Series is a Fan-comic series created by RonBWL, using materials from Audition Online and Grand Theft Auto series. It tells the story of the adventure of Kim and Ron in the world of Audition

Comic info Edit

  • Release date: June 18th 2010
  • Categorizes: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Supernatural
  • Timeline: 2010 - Present
  • Status: Ongoing

Synopsis Edit

After graduating from Middleton HS, Kim & Ron are now enjoying Summer break, having been done with Dr. Drakken recently. One day, Kim returns to her lockers and find a strange notes sent to Ron. The notes invite them to help developing a new world, the Audition World, which exists parallel with Middleton and they could spend time there without advancing time in Middleton. Upon a short discussion, our friends agree to go - they follow the instruction and find a watch which transfers them to Audition world. The adventure starts here

Characters Edit

The Good Guys Edit

  • Kim Possible - The main protagonist, Kim's trademark code is "Nothing's Impossible", and she proves it well in almost all situation. Growing up a bit from the original cartoon, Kim is now more matured and somewhat more aggressive on love-expressing toward Ronnie.
  • Ron Stoppable - Being a sidekick to Kim does not mean Ron is completely useless, though he messes up quite often now and then. In this series, he seems to learn from the past and causes much less troubles to Kimmie when on a mission
  • Bonnie Rockwaller - Kim's main rival at school is back, and she is even more annoying here due to her role as Dancing Queen. Despite making peace later on, Bonnie still teases Kim often every time she gets the chance
  • Monique - Friendly, bubbly, outgoing, Monique is a friend to everyone and here she is still that kind of girl. She remains close with Kim & Ron, and occasionally crosses path with the bad guys

The Bad Guys Edit

  • Valentine Dwayne - Kim's main enemy in this series, Valen isn't so strong but when it comes to planning, he seems to never fail
  • Chick Salvatore - Valen's bodyguard, Chick is a tough nut to crack, especially when he wields firearms
  • Yazurid Majesty - Innocent-looking brat, poking her nose on almost everything in the city, Azu is someone that Kim does not want to face
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Comic format Edit

The comic is composed of huge panels with simple character models and text boxes, no special effects like shadows or advanced animation. RonBWL claims to focus on the storyline more, so the graphics just barely represent what they are supposed to tell

English version Edit

Audition's KP The Series was written in English and released on DeviantArt almost everyday. Each page has a fixed size of 800 x 3600 pixels and may consist six to twelves panels, depends on their size. Additional info like video links are posted on the Description box. Chapter name are not added, and each chapter just start automatically after the previous one ends

Vietnamese version Edit

The Vietnamese version was posted on VTC Games Forum, in the Audition forum section. Being a forum post, Vietnamese version returns to single panel style with each post consists of 15 - 20 panels, more than the English version. Chapter name are added in the List of Chapter section to summarize the chapter's plot. More character intro pages are added and videos are embed directly on the post, removing the need of Music Page. The Vietnamese version are updated one or twice per week, depend on how well the readers appreciate it, and generally go slower than English version

Trivia Edit

  • Excluding KP-based characters, all Audition characters have variable eye-colors, due to the avatar system itself
  • The World of Audition is based of GTA III Universe world, with Liberty City, Vice City and the State of San Andreas combined. It also contains two other cities from Saint Row (Stilwater and Steelport), another sand box games by Volition.
    • Carcer City was an exception of this as it's not the same city from Manhunt but rather the HD era of Liberty City, brought over to GTA San Andreas as a map mod.
  • Most interiors and exteriors are screenshot from GTA games, but some comes from different games such as Max Payne 2 or CS: Source. RonBWL recently incoporates interiors from a lot other games, such as Gary's Mod or The Sims 3.
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