Bonnie, with her Golden Dancing Queen Crown

Bonnie Rockwaller "Bon-Bon" is a main character in Audition's KP The Series. She is based of her real-life cartoon character, Bonnie

Character descriptionEdit

Bonnie has tan skin and violet eyes, with short brown hair. She wears a pink pull top, long grey pants and light pink shoes. Bonnie used to own a Dancing Queen Icon on her head, before it's upgraded to a real Golden Crown


After all those years, Bonnie is still your arrogant, annoyance and spoiled rich girl, looking down on lower social class - she does, however, learn to improve her attitude from time to time in order to appeal the community as her ranking status changes. Bonnie works specifically on Cheerleading in Audition World and even become Schiedam's personal Cheerleader, but she also excels in Beat-Up and One-Two party mode, which soon enables her to earn a real Golden Crown

Even though Bonnie and Kim are still rivals, they soon improve their relationship and become friends, though Bonnie keeps looking down on Kimmie. She will assist Kim whenever the sitch turns bad, but other than that Bonnie makes it clear that she is the center of attention

Role in StoryEdit

Bonnie, along with Monique, were invited to Audition World by Zinky and they first appear in Chapter 6 when Kim takes a day off to show them around. Immediately at the first day, Bonnie and Kim get into a cat-fight over trivial matters, and their score remains tied as Bonnie received an invitation to work for Schiedam. Later on, Kim finds out that Bonnie has become a professional cheerleader under Schiedam's influence, earning her the title of "Dancing Queen" in Vice City. While Kim is looking for a way to raise her ranking status, Bonnie suddenly got attacked by Ron and she blamed him for it, though it's later revealed that the culprit is an imposer. Afterward, Kim gives in and accepts to work for Bonnie, eventually improving their relationship to friendly. Later on, Bonnie moves to Liberty City to assist Schiedam in a competition, and Kim rides along as helper - it's here that she finds out Jim & Tim are being attacked at Saint Mark's Bistro, and by the time Kim rescued them, the match has reached a tense point where Schiedam must score a perfect performance to win. With Bonnie and Kimmie's cheering, he was able to pull it off and the duo also receive great fame in LC. Following this succession, Bonnie decides to settle in Liberty City, promising to be friend with Kim from then on.

In Chapter 9, Bonnie personally pays Kim a visit in Los Santos - this time around, she requests Kim's help to find the lost Golden Crown, which Kim does. Because of this, Bonnie returns the favor by giving Ron her mansion in Starfish Island, and Kim's family received a new apartment nearby.

A while later, Jim & Tim asked Bonnie's assistance in their plan and she flies to Vice City, taking Kim along to foil Anzura's trip to the court. She set up a road block on the bridge leading to Mainland, forcing Anzura to wait and eventually defeat her challenge, so she had to turn back. Later on during Chapter 17, Bonnie provides Kim with information regarding Civile Vio, using Schiedam's connection. It's revealed in the LCS chapter that Bonnie also helps protecting Kazumi in her place and uncover Milky's plot to impose Kim, using it to her own advantage.


  • Bonnie is the only character to wears extended accessory, as the Golden Crown is not part of her hair model
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