Audition's KP The Series features Bonus Chapters, which are created during the author's break-time. These mostly serve as expansion pack to tell more about a particular character or some events related to the storyline, although some of them are actually continuity of the main storyline.

Below are the list of all Bonus Chapters in order of their release.

San Andreas Story[edit | edit source]

Audition's KP San Andreas Stories.png

This chapter takes place after Ron registered to become community manager in Los Santos. He decides to spend two days on-break here, only to run into an unexpected trouble that pulls him back to work in order to save his friend Danielle

SAS is clearly a reference to the protest against SOPA/PIPA around that time in 2012. Hrodwulf123, a friend of RonBWL on DeviantArt was freaked out that he almost abandon his account along with all his K.P fan-arts, but at the end, his friends managed to help him overcome his fear. This is the main reason this chapter was created, consider that Hrodwulf123 is the creator of Danielle character

Liberty City Story[edit | edit source]

Audition's KP Liberty City Stories.png

LCS takes place in the one-week while Ron was in coma at the end of Chapter 28. Kim takes a break and head to Liberty City to host an event in order to temporary forget her problem. Just like Ron, she gets dragged into Kazumi's love problem and Kirstein also got a protection mission for her to deal with.

This chapter is RonBWL's personal gift for Kazuki as well as explaining more about Kazumi's background, consider that she didn't get much time on screen.

Vice City Story[edit | edit source]

Audition's KP Vice City Stories.png

VCS takes place between Chapter 12 and 13 - Kim is requested help by Zinky and she travels back in time to prevent Anzura from planning a trap to ruin Zinky's future. She goes undercover as Jess again, and perform various tasks around Vice City in 2006 before eventually foiling Anzura's plan. However, a magic outbreak still occured, forcing Jess to use the watch Zinky gave her to clear it away.

This chapter reveals a lot about some characters' past, including how Kirstein first meet and work with Dan at VCPD

Moonie Scarlett Story[edit | edit source]

There are 3 chapters under MSS title, called the MSS Trilogy:

Title Title Image Descriptions
Moonie Scarlett's Story Audition's KP - Moonie Scarlett Stories.png Takes place one year after the main story, detailing Moonie's summer break at Vice City. She got involved in some small quarrel against Ms. Hinnan, which promted Mei to poke her nose in and try to settle it down.
MSS: Irony Audition's KP - MSS - Irony.png Takes place one year after MSS, near Mei's 10th Birthday. Someone tries to mess up with Vice City Design Team's secret info on Lifeinvader, and Mei happens to catch a glimp at the culprit. Moonie quickly comes back to VC to investigate the matter, which turns out to be the work of Ms. Gabriel, one of her former friend.
MSS: End of the Road Audition's KP - MSS - End of the Road.png Takes place 3 months after MSS:I, this chapter details the end of Kim & Ron's career at Vice City as well as Moonie and VCDT due to constant conflic with the higher-up, namely Norid and Mr. Damon.

Steelport Story[edit | edit source]

Audition's KP - Steelport Story.png

Taking place one year prior to the event in EYITF, this chapter details the Stoppable Family's trip to Steelport - little Mei gets tangled up with Kyun's love trouble and subsequently drags her parents into it as well. Ron's plan to help his fellow guitarist happens to collide with his old friend, Vicky's business, leading to another messed up sitch that force Kim to step in and give Ron a hand. The trip is cut short thanks to these problems but Ron and Mei's plan worked in the end, helping Kyun and Yui getting back together.

This chapter was RonBWL's special gift for his friend Kyun and both new characters are created based on Kyun's personal request, although the story is written by RonBWL himself.

Danielle Hughes Story[edit | edit source]

Audition's KP - Danielle Hughes Story.png

The second Bonus Chapter that features Danielle, this one takes place one month after MSS: EOTR. Halloween is approaching, and Danielle has been asked to help out Mei with a school project by Kim. She travels to San Fierro to do the job as planned, but something else came up and Danielle has to step in to assist Mei in her little rival against Maggie, all the while keeping the EPR away from her.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The 3 Bonus chapters that occured during the main storyline follow the same format with the GTA Stories game. San Andreas Story is the only chapter that's not based on GTA Stories because there is no GTA SAS.
  • Each Bonus chapter was released after every 10 regular chapter: SAS released after Chapter 20, LCS after Chapter 30 and VCS after Chapter 40.
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