Brad Kenvin

Brad Kenvin is a minor character in Audition's KP The Series. He is based on GO Forum member kenvin.zooz

Character descriptionEdit

Kenvin is white and has Wildman Hairstyle. He wears checker pattern gillie with white T-shirt, black Jean and Western Style Shoes


Kenvin is one of the less popular manager in town due to his work ignorance - he spends time hanging out with his buddies in ™No_1™ clan instead of helping people, though he does have good journalist skill which allow him to boardcast hot news and headlines once in a while, hence keeping his manager job within Los Santos. Even after Ron overthrew him, Kenvin still doesn't concentrate on his assistant work, instead trying to get back on Ron for it despite that he was the one at fault, literally. Kenvin also works part time as middleman, and he always compete Windy Lucifer in this section, but people only come to him when they have no other choices

Kenvin is the current husband of Jey Mindy and rumor has it that he stole her from Leone in the first place, leading to the two holding grudge against each other for a long time

Role in StoryEdit

Kenvin's first appearance is in Chapter 7 where he tries to reclaim his Manager work from Ron by causing an accident that put Ron to the hospital. In the end, Ron still arrives, so Kenvin remains as Assistant - he seeks help from Toma and Vanez, but they couldn't find out anything at all. Later on, Kenvin tries to provoke Ron into dueling him, and they got a tie, which allows Ken to challenge Ron to a face-off match. When Ron manages to pull it off, Kenvin is punished by Mindy for being useless, and Little Lynx explains to him the reason Kim suddenly appeared (Due to Ron's wish)

In Chapter 13, Kenvin got caught up in a scheme laid by Henry, which put him in hospital and an imposter one posing as him wrecking havoc on the Back Alley Market. Following this incident, Kenvin's reputation went downhill and he was forced to retire from his Assistant job. Kenvin the returns to work freelance, while still hold grudge against Kim and Ron all the time


  • In real life, Kenvin is also Mindy's couple. The plot was based directly on the fact that Mindy married Leone in Audition Online then broke up with him to side with Kenvin
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