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Another troublesome face?

Chapter 14, titled Rubber Clan, is the fourteenth chapter in Audition's KP The Series. This time Kim and Ron get caught up in the act of Ms. Anzura, the leader of Rubber Clan, which caused some trouble to Ron's work.


After Jerry left Vice City, he keeps in contact with Ron and Ron is quite happy that his girlfriend helped giving Jerry a good day before they part way - Kim is a bit worried that Ron may get jealous, but he proves that he is mature enough now and gives Kim a forehead kiss instead. Ron then leaves for afternoon work, while Kim drives off to meet with another person who wanna fill her in with more details concerning the last incident. That person turns out to be Summerier - she has moved to Vice City following the incident in Las Venturas and is now under her brother's protection. Regardless, Summerier's boyfriend, Shintana Reni, is the one having information, so Kim is given a ride to North Point Mall to talk with him. Once there, she happens to witness Shin's ass getting kicked across the street thanks to a girl named Anzura - after helping Shin back on his feet, Kim begins to talk with him, where he gives Kim some more background story on Anzura. As they talk, a VCPD Cheetah passes by with alert about trouble in NP Mall, forcing Kim to run over to the front door to find out what's going on. Dan has just arrested Anzu's boyfriend, Charlie, who keeps shouting that Ron will pay for it - turns out, Ron was the one issued the arrest after Charlie pushed his joke too far. Ron wants to finish the bust, while Kim thinks he should let it slide as Anzura may get him back for it - they keep talking once inside their office, when Ron suddenly turns around and grabs Kim's hand, asking her to stay away for her own safety. Little did they know, their conversation was heard loud and clear by Anzura, and that girl immediately plan a counter-move. Soon, Anzura meets up with Henry and asks him to "rough Ron up for a bit".

Eventually afternoon shift is over - Kim wants to go home, but Ron has an urgent meeting that he has to attend, alone. Even Leone thinks it's a bad idea to walk into enemy's line but Ron insists he has no other choice. Kim keeps thinking about it while her father thinks it's better to let Ron handle himself once in a while. Taking her usual shower, Kim happens to flip her right hand up and see "junkyard" written on it - as Jim & Tim gather outside commenting on how Ron's phone is not connecting, she understands its meaning and quickly runs off, much to the tweebs' surprise.

At the Junkyard, Ron and Henry are having an unusual conversation - the latter pulls out a gun, but is knocked out by Kim from behind. Ron is surprised but Kim doesn't give him time to talk as they flee the scene. Eventually they arrive back at Kim's house safety, and Ron tries to talk to Kim again - not about the sitch at hand, but he thinks at least Kim should dress up first. Realizing that she just rushed out in the middle of her shower, Kim quickly runs off to dress up - eventually, she can ask Ron about what happened back then. Ron explains a bit on the sitch this afternoon and how he got dragged out there - basically Anzura and Charlie are quite dangerous thanks to their connection, and Ron wouldn't want to mess with them without some sort of back-up. As they finish their talk, Ron stands up and heads out - he is going home since there is no comic work today, but Kim insists that he stays, since she won't know if Ron will get attacked again.

The next day, Henry tries to sue Kim for attacking him at the junkyard, but Dan managed to defend her and denounced it legal defense - Kirstein praises him for it, but also tell him to be on alert as the bad guys won't give up easily. As they pass by, we see Ron getting told off by Anzura, and she soon meets up with her cousin who gives her some sensitive photos off Ron's computer (backdoor opened from Chapter 11). Anzura then gives the USB disk to Henry to print it out, which Henry does but he almost got caught by Kirstein, passing by chance. Thinking that Henry is up to no good again, Kir discusses with Dan and then heads to warn Ron about it, but Ron can only take his word since he can't do much given his situation right now. Even Kim gets mad that Ron doesn't take it seriously - he is too concerned on her emotion, while she is clearly stronger than him in mind games.

Eventually, Kim and Monique resume their daily route, though the latter still reminds Kim to be prepared. While walking along Ocean Beach, Kim suddenly sees a picture flying by - she grabs it and realizes that it was a frame from Ron's comic, albeit uncensored. Angered, Kim heads off to confront Mindy, who's selling these pictures, and Mindy claims that it came directly from Ron's comic; a fact that everyone has been alerted off. True to her word, Lynx informs Kim that someone broke into Ron's PC and stole those files - there is no evidence that it's his works, but if it does, he will face heavy consequence. Unable to defend Ron for the time being, Kim heads back to their office and find Mr. Damon, very upset about the situation at hand. While Anzura is at fault for illegally publishing Ron's works, if the court agrees with her that he indeed draws those picture, Anzura will still win. With the trial getting close and Kim can't show up outside anymore, it looks like Ron is at his wits' end here.

Jim and Tim, however, won't give up yet, and after a brief investigation, they came to conclude that Anzura faked those files to get Ron into trouble - now all they need to do is to prove it at the court. But this process takes time to execute so the tweebs seek Kim's assistance to pull it off - they claim that there is one person who can help proving Ron's innocence and they will get him to the court tomorrow, but Kim needs to delay it so they can make it there on time.

Four days later, Jim & Tim collect Monique from her place and bring her along to Los Santos, where they intend to let her help bringing Mr. James to Vice City to defend Ron at the court. Meanwhile, Kim wakes up and goes to the bathroom to take a shower, only to find Bonnie already in there, apparently coming over due to the tweebs' request. After dressing up, they head out to the main bridge, where Bonnie tells Kim about the plan to block it off and stall Anzura so the court can't open soon. In the mean time, Jim & Tim manage to convince Mr. James to come on over, using a secret evidence they fowarded him earlier to prove that Ron didn't draw any indecent pictures in his comic. Although the reporters are in their way, Jim & Tim foresees it and set up a distraction, using Monique and Katz as bait to lure them away from Mr. James' mansion. While they fly to Vice City, Anzura eventually gets tired of waiting and tries to confront Bonnie, who accepts her challenge. Bonnie wins by clearing a level 3 Beat-Up song with no miss, forcing Anzura to turn back and take the long way to VC Mainland. The mission is succeed, so Bonnie and Kim head off for some shopping - Anzura eventually arrives at the court and she can't wait to drive Ron out of his post, though Ron insists he has nothing to do with Kim and Bonnie's plan. Suddenly, Mr. James shows up and attend the court as a witness - following Jim & Tim's plan, they manage to convince the juries that Ron is innocence, and thus Anzura got fined for stealing private data instead. After the court, Bonnie greets Ron at the entrance and tells him about the plan, in addition to Mr. James' word. Ron then gives his boss a ride to the airport, and Mr. James again promises to keep on working to bring back Ron's reputation.

Back at home - Ron asks if Kim knows anything else about the tweebs' plan but she has no idea, so Ron is directed to talk with them instead. However, Jim & Tim are watching the news and they got mad as Anzura still has the nerve to trashtalk Ron despite her failure - not far from there, Kirstein is listening to the same news and he also loses his temper and Summerier has to calm him down. After they part way, Kir returns to VCPD HQ and takes a nap - suddenly, the Angel of Justice visits him in his dream and offers him some tips on how to deal with Anzura. His dream is cut short by Dan, waking him up as it's already morning and they have work to do. Kirstein however, took up the angel's idea and asks Dan to handle his shift today so he can go out to solve personal business. Kir then drives up to Ocean Beach's Ammu-Nation and meet Goku, who provides him a Knight SR-25 Sniper Rifle to do his job.

Eventually, Anzura and Charlie reunite as the latter is released from prison today - they plan to keep on attacking Ron with Anzu's strategy, and it seems there is no way to stop her. As Anzura returns to her car gloating, a bullet suddenly hit the gas tank and blow it up, severely wounding her. The press believes someone attempts to kill her with a car bomb, although Dan knows Kirstein was the culprit since he has to cover it up for his partner. Ron is seen visiting Anzu at the hospital to make sure she survives - Kim is amused about it, but Ron decides that Anzu is not his enemy nonetheless. That night, Ron meets up with Katz and thank him for the assistance at Los Santos - right then, Monique arrive and ask Ron a question that's still bugging her: How did Kim know about the meeting's location. Ron then explains that he passes on the messenger to Kim's hand secretly using Invisible Ink - a toy that Goku introduced to him a while ago. The problem itself comes from how Kim sees it - Invisible Ink is revealed when it's heated up or gets wet. Ron expected Kim to see it after dinner when she either washed her face or hand, but she ended up seeing it while taking a shower, which result in that embarrassing encounter. Thus, Ron asks Monique to keep quiet about it, although it's too late because Kim has been listening, thanks to the radio in Monique's car. After giving Bonnie a ride to the Airport, Kim goes back home and asks Jim & Tim about Invisible Ink - turns out, that product is only obtainable by exchanging Coupons at North Point Mall, which is why Kim never knew of its existence before. But with that said, Kim sets off to buy and giveaway free drinks to everyone in the mall at the next day, with Monique's help. Afterward, she exchanges Coupons for all the Invisible Inks in stock so no one else can get them for a while - Ron is surprised that Kim hooked all of them for herself, but this is necessary so there will be no misunderstanding between them in the future.


Ron's comic was narrowly saved, although his career didn't get much better following the trial. With Kim buying off the Invisible Ink, it's no longer available in stock in North Point Mall.



  • Again, this chapter based on a near-exact feud between RonBWL and Anzu on GO 4rum, albeit the part with Henry and Yazu's plot are improvised.
  • This is the first time Bonnie gets to play an Audition match as part of her challenge. In real life, RonBWL created a proper account to pose as Bonnie (IGN: Bonnie_RWL) to serve as a character in this series. The song is not an official track however, it was custom-made.


거북이 - 아이고 (135 BPM) - Custom Beat-Up song

거북이 - 아이고 (135 BPM) - Custom Beat-Up song

Bonnie, clearing Anzu's challenge

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