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Chapter 16, titled Best Manager Contest, is the sixteenth chapter in Audition's KP The Series. Kim has to deal with the criminal trying to ruin the upcoming contest while solving Ron's money issue and stop him from embarrassing himself on their further dates.


One week has passed since Ron's trip to San Fierro - Kim has just ordered customization for her car and leave it at Goku's shop. Monique gives her a ride home, but she also wonders what did Kim do to Ron last week (That strange feeling he couldn't get off his mind). Eventually Kim drops a hint - Ron did touch her boobs that time - although Monique thinks it's still not enough to make him so confuse. The tweebs explains the rest - Kim's statement of direct counts if there's only her shirt on, meaning she did not wear a bra at that time. This makes Monique even more surprised, just like Ron when Leone explains the same thing for him. Whether Kim is giving Ron green light or not, he decides to just forget about it and carry on with their schedule - the car is ready, so Kim and Ron go to Sunshine Autos to get it. He tries to question Kim one more time and she again insists it's just a gift - as they arrive at Sunshine Autos, Goku great them and show off his work on Kim's Stinger. Kim then reminds Ron that they have a date tonight at 20:00, and Ron agrees - however, it takes him too long to gather coupons, which upsets Kim since he does not want to split the bill. Even more so Ron decides to not take a drink so he can save some more coupons - Kim is extremely embarrassed at the check-out that their bill is covered purely with coupons. It's obvious that Kim wants to ease up Ron's problem but being a guy has its tough side - as Jim points out, whether it's a date or party, guys always get to pay, no exception. And Kim is not too happy that she brought along c$100 and brought back c$90 just because Ron wouldn't let her pay - but it's understandable because Ron's new job barely earns him anything, let alone orders didn't come too often so he has nothing to work on.

Eventually, Leone confirms what the tweebs found out, so they are determinded to give Ron a hand. In the meantime, Kim goes to a nearby alley to meet up with a new face - Miran Hijiri, who is in fact Kirstein Sese's 2nd role in the underworld. Miran informs Kim about the upcoming Best Manager Contest, in which Windy will likely win but the criminals don't want it to happen. Kim is then instructed to go to Miran's car and read the rest of the info there - turns out, Anzura held a personal grudge against Windy and told her boyfriend to mess up the contest, although how they carry it out is still unknown. It's up to Kim to prevent that, and Miran asks her to keep the key to this car so Kim can track it down in tight situation. On the back, Miran always keep her signature Chicago Piano Gun, which Kim may need to borrow when the bad guys overwhelm her.

Later on, Dan becomes aware that Kim has hooked up with Miran, as she starts practicing with the new toy at Downtown Ammunation's Shooting Range. After parting way, Dan goes to InterGlobal Studio to "inspect" Liz's newsvan, secretly planting a tracking bug there so they can obtain her route to protect her while she goes around town to announce about the upcoming contest. Meanwhile, Ron helps campaigning for Windy, and she thanks him for his effort as the day end. Kil wonders if Ron wants to campaign too, but Ron thinks it's better to let Windy win so she can gain more reputation - Henry catches wind of this however, and he informs Charlie that Ron won't be an issue this time; all they need to do is to concentrate on eliminating Windy. Charlie then instructs Henry to go tell the EPR to be ready, as they will start moving in the next few days.

Eventually, Liz's route was forwarded to Kir and then to Kim - they also figure out the EPR plans to use some hi-tech device to erase Liz's speech about Windy on the fly, and it's up to Kim to make sure it didn't happen. This poses a problem though - Kim can't be at five different spots at once unless she can clone herself. Suddenly someone looking just like her walks up and propose the same idea - turns out, Jim & Tim made something crazy yet again and coincidentally it is just what Kim needs here.

The next day, five head EPRs gather and discuss about their plan one more time before heading off - Red arrives at his location, but find Kim talking on the phone so he can't set up the device or it will spook her. Red then plays waiting game, but fail as Kim won't stop talking until the Newsvan passes by - after contacting his fellows, Red is surprised that they had that very same problem, all because of the same girl, which he can't understand why. Soon, Henry becomes aware that the EPR failed their mission due to him informing them "no civilian casualties so they couldn't attack Kim. On the other hand, Kim is satisfied that the clones did their job perfectly - that is, until she finds out that Ron has been assaulted behind the scene by the other 4 Kimmie who all stole a kiss from him. This really confuses Ron, but he quickly forgets about it when the topic changes to Best Manager Contest. To Ron's word, he intends to not make a speech on the Voting Day so Windy will stand a greater chance to gather votes - this worries Azu however because their goal is to make Windy lose. She discusses with her boss Hate on how to force Ron to participate, and Hate decides to just blackmail Ron by kidnapping his girlfriend - they are going to grab Kim on that day.

Eventually on the Voting Day, Kim gets to speak right before Ron, and she is very excited - however, Hate already plans ahead and has Milky disguise as Ron to lure her out. Kim is then told by "Ron" that someone wanna meet her to expose some dirty plan about the election - she goes to a back alleyway and got ambushed by Hate and Milky there. It doesn't take long until Leo and Norid realize that Kim is missing - just when they conclude something's wrong, Ron shows up with an excuse for Kim and decides to give a speech himself, since one of them must show up anyway. Leo doesn't buy it however, and he expresses his worry with Jim & Tim, who agree to look into it right away. First, Tim borrows Ron's phone and gets a hint on not peeking on his SMS inbox - this isn't an issue because all of them are inside the SIM card and Jim can just use a SIM reader to look it up. They find a blackmail SMS, confirming their suspicious that sister has been kidnapped - after returning the phone to Ron, Jim & Tim go to the Planning Department to check up public security camera. They eventually find out that she got ambushed in an alleyway near Ocean Beach - this should be their lead. Coming there to investigate further, Jim & Tim come to conclusion that sister was dragged into, and taken away, by a car - right then, Ms. Miran arrive and tell them she has an idea where Kim could be held prisoner...

The scene then cuts to that warehouse in question - Kim wakes up and find herself tied up inside a storage room. Recalling what happened this afternoon, she struggles back to her feet and look for a way out - a candle attracts her attention, so she walks over it and use it to burn off the rope. Apparently the EPRs guarding Kim left it there on purpose so they can shoot her if she ever tries to escape - however, Kim has no intention to be their practice target so she heads back inside to look for something to distract them. After searching a nearby cabinet, Kim obtains some firecrackers, which might come in handy.

Meanwhile, Jim & Tim make it to the warehouse outside - they correctly guess that sister would use an explosion to aid her escape, and as Kim runs out, Jim & Tim decide to assist her with their own distraction. Yellow and Blue eventually head outside, unsure which way Kim ran off to - they see the tweeb's car speeding away, and quickly give chase, thinking that Kim is in there. Jim & Tim then lead the EPR to a nearby port and ditch their car - as Yellow and Blue approach it, a messenger play, then they are hit with a stink bomb which Jim & Tim prepared earlier, forcing them to give in immediately.

On the East Side, Green and White are still chasing after Kim until she enters Ocean Beach - there, Kim locates Miran's car and retrieve the Chicago Piano Gun. She then pops out around the corner and fire an entire mag to scare the EPRs, which causes them to run away. Charlie is then informed that the Hate and Yazu's plan has failed, and the EPR decided to botch it altogether - he has no choice but to confront Kim directly. But Kim is waiting, so she immediately disarms Charlie the moment he enters the alley, and he is arrested and charged for all the crimes happened so far. The sitch is solved, but Kim realizes that Ron is still trying to rescue her, so she asks Jim & Tim to help her "setting up" the stage for Ronnie.

The next day, Ron is staying at the office while Leone and the team go out for lunch - he receives the kidnappers' e-mail and is instructed to bring c$1000 to North Point Mall and give it to Mr. Larry, who will act as middleman. At the end of the day, a second e-mail arrives, telling Ron that the money is received and he is instructed to go to Hooker Inn. and release Kim from an Admiral's trunk. He does so and safetly brings Kim back home - eventually, she wakes up and is instructed that Ron gave in to the kidnappers' demand to secure her freedom. That sounds a bit pathetic, but Kim doesn't care - she is simply happy that Ron played the hero well this time, although Jim & Tim know otherwise (The whole sitch was their setup anyway). Jim does feel bad for taking Ron's money though, but Tim assures his brother that it's needed to make the sitch normal, and they have to spend their allowance on setting it up anyway, so a little payment wouldn't hurt. In the end, everyone's happy and Jim & Tim can buy more equipment for their secret lab.

Few days later, Miran meets up with Kim to confirm that everything's cool - she oughts to give Henry and the gang a lesson, but Kim already sent Charlie to jail so it won't be necessary. The Best Manager Contest is over, and Windy won 1st place just as predicted - she invites Kim to her party tonight but Kim declines the honor, saying that she has other plan in mind. It turns out that Ron receives a nice c$5000 for second place, so Kim suggests another party to cheer him up. While the money is good, there is still a chance that Ron may rely on coupons again - Jim & Tim are worried about that, but Kim already has a plan to stop it from happening. That night, Monique arrives and give Kim a number for North Point Mall's special service - Kim then makes the call and takes a shower before dressing up in her trademark LBD, which she plans to use it to keep Ron's attention at bay. Afterward, Kim drives to Ron's mansion and again, he is having trouble with Coupons, albeit with different reason this time. Once they arrive at North Point Mall, Kim sends Ron inside first while she goes to park the car - valet service is off due to Ron playing tardy, so they have no choice now.

Heading inside, Ron prepares to order a table but Mr. Larry congratulates him on being 1000th guest today, and for that he receives a special table at Tarbrush Cafe plus a c$500 Coupon. The date turns out to be Ron's luxury treat, much to Kim's surprise, even though he claims he knows nothing about it. At the end, Kim gets to spend the c$500 coupon on a shooping rampage (since Ron has no desire to keep it). Eventually the money is spent and Mr. Hans handles delivery process for Kim, while she goes off with Ron to Ocean Beach for a post-date talk. Ron keeps trying to deny being behind the surprise, but Kim doesn't seem to mind much - to her words, even if it's his luck, he should be proud that it came at the right time and gave them such a nice date together. All that's left is a passion kiss for Ron as the moon rises.


This event marks Windy's first raise on her reputation, allowing her to control the Market much better and with more alliances than before. Kim made her first contact with Kirstein's undercover character and is granted access to her Chicago Piano Gun from now on.



  • The Best Manager Contest is based on a same name vote that took place around the time this chapter was created. End result is also taken directly from the vote on GO forum after it's over.
    • However, there was no money/ingame cash prize for that event on GO forum.
  • This is one of the few chapters that Miran appears alone without her original role (Kirstein).
  • Kim is kidnapped for the first time in this chapter (In Chapter 8, she got knocked out while on a mission instead), and also the first time she got tied up but not gagged. However, when she plays the D.I.D role, she is tape gagged in order to give Ron better impression on an actual kidnap.
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