Chapter 20 1

Problem arises...

Chapter 20, titled A Civil War, is the twentieth chapter in Audition's KP The Series. Audition Manager Team once again got tangled up with nearby division (lead by Kim & Ron's friends), nearly costed the couple their long-awaited Christmas holiday.


Ron eventually got over that shock from Kim's daring last time, with Leone constantly teasing him for being so lucky to have a taste of her breast. After they part way, Ron heads over to meet up with Chad and inform him that he has done the favor Chad asked for - Chad thanks Ron again and promises he will do his best to assist his friends once the promotion is over. Meanwhile, Kim receives the same news from Kilar, and she is also happy for her friend. When walking back to her car, Kim is suddenly approached by Yuzumi Kwiatowski, who claims that Moonie suggests Kim could do her a favor. That turns out to be a ride to VC Design Team's HQ, and Kim accepts. Moonie thanks her for the problem, and states that she's busy handling some upcoming issues, but still hope it wouldn't happen. Ron also meets up with Kil as Kim heads off - they exchange words about some rumor, but nothing is certain at this moment so they still have to wait for more information to pop up.

Later on, Ron meet up with Kim at the local Drug Store - she has recovered her skin color, and doesn't seem to mind if Ron wanna check it again. In reality, Kim is happy that Ron's sense got better - normally he'd be decieved easily, but this time he actually noticed the change, which mean he's getting better. Nevertheless, Kim, Ron, Kilar and Windy gather up at the office and witness Chad and Leone's promotion - from now on, these two guys hold much higher authorities and will be able to help their friends easier. The team then parties until late at night - Kim then drops Ron off at his mansion and return home for a rest. Tim is waiting outside - he said Ellene has a messenger for her. It turns out that Kim & Ron will be assigned to a new Supporter starting next morning, whose name is Katherine McShaw.

Eventually, Kate arrives safely at Vice City and is greeted by Ellene - she is grateful to be given the chance to escape Las Venturas, as gambling and football topics are not her favorite, and working for Audition Management Team is a much better choice. That said, Kate introduces herself to Kim and then personally meet up with Ron who's working outside. She states that Ron and everyone are welcome to voice their words and she will see to it that the Planning Department got it - this, however, is unimpressed to Ron as he has been doing it for years, and he claims that Kate might not be helpful to them that way. Kate is slightly hurt, although she still goes off to pick up her friend Charlie who has just been released from prison. She wants Charlie to stay out of trouble, because she can't keep looking after him - that would be Ellene's job, and she is only here to assist the managers. Charlie promises to behave before parting way, but he then immediately plans his new moves with Henry. Henry has been working on preparation work before, and now they are ready to execute the plan - however, Charlie asks Henry to deliver the "stuff" to his client instead, since his car is not returned to him yet. Although angry with his boss' reaction (and the kick doesn't help), Henry does the job nonetheless - deliverying a plan to the Downtown Manager Kane Austin. Eager to put the plan into action, Kane quickly follow the first step, gathering allies. He intends to ask Mr. Damon to move the VC Design Team to Downtown, as it's more suitable for them to work there and they can help each other. This was heard by Yuzumi however, and she quickly runs off to alert Vio. It's obvious that VCDT doesn't want to leave Vice Point as it will make it harder for customers to reach them, and the fact that Kane never discussed with them about this simply pisses them off. Vio is determined to fight back and defend their benefits, and Yuzie agrees - they can't let Kane do as he please.

Few days later, Ron notices that all VC Design Club members have vanished - he wonders what happened to them. Moonie then comes along and explains that they are protesting against Mr. Damon for moving VCDC to Downtown. She asks for Ron's help and hands him an USB stick that contains their banners so Ron can print and spread it. As Ron then goes back to his car and get to work - meanwhile, Kim also gets to see the printed banner which Yuzie put on earlier - she is asked for help as well, and Yuzie also gives her an USB stick. Later on, Kim & Ron reuintes and they share their story about VCDC's fight against Kane. Ron then asks Kim to take care of Moonie's USB Stick since he doesn't feel safe leaving it at his mansion - hearing this, Henry decides that the chance to attack has arrived. He then tells his boss Andreas about it and gets the clear to act, though Andreas suggests him to be sneaky. With that in mind, Henry asks Azu for advice and Azu tells him that the best timing will be around 20:00. Henry should be able to climb into Kim's room via a window on the back, which Azu already brought a ladder in and stashed in the garden for him. The time frame is narrow, as Henry has only 15 minutes where Kim will not be in her room, but that should be enough to do his business.

That night, Henry sneaks into Kim's room undetected - he finds two USB sticks on the table and grabs the blue-labelled one, believing it to be Kim's. Then, Henry replaces the files with his own, which will serve to cause trouble once they are printed out. Taking a look around, Henry notices there are two doors - the one on the left should lead to the hallway, but he wonders what about the right one. Henry then peeks through the keyhole and is surprised to find out that it leads to the bathroom - worse, Kim is in there taking a shower. Henry figures he has to get away quickly, but accidentally bumps his head into the door, which caught Kim's attention. Not wanting to get caught, Henry quickly jumps out of the window, forgetting that he's on the second floor and missed the ladder. He took quite a bit of falling damage, but managed to get away before Kim spots him. The twins quickly come in to investigate, and they found a blood stain near the bathroom door aside from the opened windows. Kim doesn't seem to mind since nothing has been stolen - she just leaves her brothers alone with their game and head outside, as Ron just happens to ring the bell during the commotion. Ron states that he feels uneasy for leaving the files in open for too long, so he decides to get them printed out right away. Kim accepts, and comments that maybe the culprit who just broke in wanted to steal those files, but since he didn't manage to do so, they should be fine.

Eventually, VCDT started their campaign against Kane, who doesn't seem to mind even with Ron on their side - that is, until he notices one of the protest banner with Downtown crossed by a red X. Angered by this, Kane quickly faces up Ron and demands an answer, but Ron claims he knows nothing and Kane should just ask the Design Team, not him. Upseted by this, Kane turns to Mr. Damon instead, who promises to host a meeting to question Ron later - if he can't provide a good reason, he will be fired. This was heard by Kim while Kane leaves the building, so she quickly looks for Leone to find an answer. She then finds out that, while Kane can tolerate the protest, that red X is a direct insult toward him - even if Ron did not make the posters, he is still responsible for spreading around. After checking out the posters, Kim realizes that it's the same one Yuzie showed her earlier - this is weird, because VC Design Team shouldn't have to make two versions of the same posters. Yuzie is surprised by this however - she recalls having only one poster design that she showed Kim earlier. Hearing this, Kim is convinced that the Bulgar last night didn't come to steal her USB stick, but instead mess up with it to cause this civil war.

Moment later, Kim drives to North Point Mall and ask Mr. Hans if anyone bought a wooden ladder lately (The one was found at the back of her place). Unfortunately Mr. Hans can't remember all the customers who bought it lately, so Kim is out of luck for now. But she is suddenly greated by Mr. Larry, who asks if she wanna try the new Silent Shoes Upgrade. Apparently for c$20, Kim can make her shoes 100% soundless, producing no noises when she walks around. Kim agrees to try it out, thinking that the bulgar must also use this in order to sneak around her room without spooking her. Later on, Mr. Larry returns with Kim's shoes, and she pretends to ask for the customer logs for survey purpose. This works, as Kim was able to spot Henry's name on the list - however, there are no evidence to prove that he did this at all. The tweebs thinks so too, and they intend to look for one, but first they need Kim's help in setting up the scene.

Moment later, Henry is seen scrolling down the street, happy that his plan was a success. Suddenly he encounters Jess, who asks him to help catching something her brothers' gonna throw down, since it'd be too much of a problem to climb 5 floors to go get it. Henry looks up, only to be hit by Jess' bag that gives him a nosebleed - apparently Jess' heavy English-Japanese dictionary was the culprit she assumes. Henry then takes his leave, while Jess go back to Jim & Tim to check if the plan was okay - they answer yes and leave with the backpack to do their job. Soon, Kim is back to her identity and meet up with Monique at North Point Mall - she has no idea what the tweebs are after, but Monique kinda understand why, thanks to the blood stain at the scene. Monique then reminds Kim about "nose-bleeding" concept, making her remember something quite disturbing. Not far from there, Ron catches a sneeze just as Leone arrives - he assumes someone's talking to him, and Leone tells him that his car is ready to be used again. Ron then drives to Malibu Club and talk with Kilar about his plan to take Kim on a Christmas tour in San Fierro - Kilar thinks it's a great chance to hit on K.P while Ron thinks otherwise. But with Kim already "showing" Ron the ropes, she might just be waiting for him to make a move - Ron is surprised about that and gets a nosebleed at the same time, pretty much confirming the rumor was true.

Eventually, Jim & Tim decide to confront Henry, with Tim passing on the messenger that they know he's behind the Possible Residence Break-In. Henry refuses to give in however, citing Tim reading too much novels and storms off - however, as he confesses to peeking on Kim, she arrives and beat him up for both crimes. The issue is finally brought to light, and Yuzie assures her that she and the VCDT will negotiate with Kane in a more peaceful-like manner. The 4 core members then have a sit down with Kane, and they eventually managed to resolve their conflicts - in the end, Kane accepts VCDT's proposal to help out Downtown, in exchange that they won't move away from Vice Point.

With all the issue resolved, Christmas finally comes around and the Audition Manager Team gets their day offs along with some seasonal rewards - Kilar gives Kim a ride home and asks if she will spend her time with Ron, to which Kim replies yes and she assumes Kil will hang out with A.C.E clan that he leads, though he should still remember to show Liz some good times. With that said, Kim and Ron are off to enjoy their first "special" Chirstmas - this time they are officially dating and there's no more criminals to ruin their day. But the trouble lies elsewhere - as they land at San Fierro, Ron runs into Transley, who invites him over to the Design Team's Christmas Party. Ron knows that he can't talk his way out, so he contacts Kim and they work on a change of plan. Later on, Ron apologizes to Transley that due to an urgent request from Mr. Ryan, he and Kim will have to head over to Las Venturas. Transley is skeptical however, and she tails Ron on the street until he boards a Taxi and request to go to Las Venturas. In reality, Ron stops half-way at Gant Bridge, where Kim is waiting for him according to their plan.

Nightfall soon comes, and Ron is surprised that Kim's back-up plan is no more than walking around Bayside - she explains that this is the most ideal plan since the town has no parties, according to a little history when Audition World was founded by Skyline. Ron kinda gets the idea, though it'd be weird for them to spend Christmas night in a no-Christmas town - Kim however, asks him to look up, when a misletoes suddenly appears out of nowhere. She doesn't seem to concern, and proceeds to kiss Ron in the check like they did 3 years ago. Then, they continue on with their walk as music starts playing in the background.


Kim & Ron managed to barely avoid a full blown civil war, and saved their Christmas Trip as well. This marks the end of 2011 in Audition World.


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