Charlie Hamilton

Charlie Hamilton is a support character and a major villain in Audition's KP The Series. He is based on GO forum member chihadong

Character descriptionEdit

Charlie has yellow skin and center-combed brown hair. He wears a Blue Windy couple T-shirt, green Summer Travel pants and Active set brown shoes


Naturally a decent dancer, Charlie spends most of his time working on competing with other FAM and he is quite good at direct FAM battles. He is not evil, but ever since coupling with Anzura, he basically became her slave dog, protecting her words with any mean necessary, even going so far as to talk ill about other people for no reason. Charlie has been warned a lot for bad language in public, but he seems to never learn his lesson and just keeps poking into other people's argue, whether it's his subject or not.

Role in StoryEdit

Charlie is first seen in Chapter 14, getting arrested by Dan after Ron reported him for manager assault. He is released one week later and leaves town to lay low for a while, before eventually returning for a new plan to disrupt the Best Manager Contest in Chapter 16. His plan was foiled by Kim however, and so he was arrested for the second time until Kate bails him out in Chapter 20. Since then, Charlie remains in town and command Henry from distance, causing trouble every once in a while.


  • Charlie is one of the few major antagonist with no intro page. The reason is he is originally intended to be small time, before his role becomes bigger after Valentine and Chick disappear due to their life time sentence. He does get an intro page for the Vietnamese version though.
  • Charlie and Anzura's relationship in this series reflect their in real life on GO forum. The first incident that involved Ron getting Charlie arrested is also a parody of an event in real life where Ron banned him for one week on GO forum.
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