Chick Salvatore

Chick Salvatore, better known as Chick is a villain in Audition's KP The Series. He is based on chicksieuquay on GO forum

Character descriptionEdit

Chick has dark brown hair and tattoos on both arms. He wears black sunglasses, a black coat with stripe shirt underneath, black pants and shoes


It's said that Chick joins the villain side as soon as Valentine does, seeing as these two are close friends and anyone angers Valen angers Chick as well. He is loyal to Valen and serves as his bodyguard, even though Chick is clearly tough enough to be a boss of his own faction. Indeed, Chick does have underlings for his usages, but he remains under Valen's orders, aside from Miran. Unlike his boss, Chick is capable of fighting dozens of opponents thanks to his firearm experiences, allowing him to operate SMGs and Assault Rifles with little trouble (Ranging from Uzis to AK-47). He is pretty good with melee combat as well, but his motto is "safe than sorry", so he won't risk it unless there is no other choices

Role in StoryEdit

Chick is first seen in Chapter 1 when he arrives to calm down his boss, given the situation just turned bad for them. The two leave and quickly hold a grudge toward Kim, and soon later try to break her up from Ron using their conflict. When Kim discovers the plan, Chick then provides covering fire with his Uzi to allow Valentine to escape, though Kim still managed to cap Valen with the help from Ron. Later on, Chick and his new guy Andreas spy on Kim and Ron to try to figure their new weakness, and eventually they managed to force them apart during the South Party.

Chick then leaves Vice City and soon takes control of Ryan's Casino, forcing Kim to go get it back by clearing the blackmail evidences - Ron manages to delay their encounter until Kim clears the safe, at which point she acts as decoy to allow Ron to escape. Chick then chases Kim through the basement up to the rooftop, trying to kill her with his AK although he fails to do that when Kim jumps off the roof and is saved by the lake below. Later on, Chick moves to Liberty City to spy on Kim and Ron, only to be teased by their "love-making", but his boss happens to be discharged from the hospital that day, so they can continue with their main plan.

A while later, Chick and Valen process to execute the plan to destroy Wishing for my love event at Los Santos, and Kim is lured to check out their base, the Blue Island. Here, Chick carefully waits for a chance to ambush and manages to knock out Kim from behind. He then ties and gags Kim near some explosive barrels, which act as body trap should Ron try to rescue her. The two then leave, and Chick hires a Hunter for Valen to get out of town at the next day. When he returns to Santa Maria however, the island is still safe, and soon Andreas informs him that a Jetmax just sped away from it - knowing that his victim escaped, Chick then send the KZ squad after Kim, though Ron manages to hold them back with an Uzi. Valen is soon arrested and so is Chick - they both share a one year sentence at this point on.

One year later, Chick is released with his boss and he moves back to LS for personal plans. Here, he crosses path with Kim again when trying to buy some M.E pills to calm down - Chick tries to extort Kim into giving it up, but she refuses and runs away. After a short chase, Chick lost sight of Kim (Who got dragged into a nearby corridor by Ron) and decides to wait at the only way out to ambush her. Ron then shows up, apparently still suffers from amnesia, so Chick thinks he has nothing to do with the pills and blows Ron off. A while later, Kim appears and tell Chick that the pills are lost, which he won't believe, so Kim insists a body search. After finding nothing on Kim, Chick is beaten up for false accusation, and he swears he will get Kim back for this


  • Chick is the only character to feature tattoos on his body, as RonBWL chose his models from the old days
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