Civile Vio

Civile Vio, better known as Vio, is a support character in Audition's KP The Series. She is based on GO forum member k.violent

Character descriptionEdit

Vio is a tall girl with long black hair. She wears a black pull top with red checker pattern scarf, dark violet pants and black-white stripe sport shoes.


Just an average-skilled dancer, Civile spends most of her time with fashion rather than dancing, but she does show up in public events once in a while. Fashion designing is Civile’s best skill, and she even wins some drawing contests thanks to it too. But, Civile is strictly on copyrighted stuff and she often gets into argument with her friends when any design is spotted “copying” other people’s idea - this is why she got the nickname “Violent”, in addition to word-play of her last name. Civile used to live in Vice City, but she returned to her hometown, LC, three years ago and laid low ever since. No one knows the reason behind it, but small talks claim that she was the witness Dan spotted at the accident scene where Sanae was killed.

Civile is the older sister of Kazuki Vio, and she has always been taking care of him, even if they go on separate way early.

Role in StoryEdit

Vio is featured in Chapter 17 - after figuring out that she is the witness at the accident scene that killed Sorae's wife, Kim comes to meet Vio to talk about it, only to be turned away as soon as the story is brought up. Through a short story, Vio eventually reveals that her brother Kazu is being kept at Shoreside Hospital and she can't do anything unless he is rescued. After Kim breaks Kazu out, Vio agrees to go to the court to testify against Anzura, but the villains give chase, forcing Kim to defend the FBI Truck using Miran's Chicago Piano Gun. After they successfully shake off their attackers, Vio processes on to her testify, and then Kim drives her back to Francis International Airport so she can fly to Vice City to be put under protection along with her brother.

Not long afterward, Ron is presented a chance to join I, Mine, Me, Myself event but not as himself - unable to decide what to do, he comes to seek Vio's advice. Vio then tells Ron that it's fair to not allow managers to join due to their connections, and suggests Ron to ask for a representative to help him out, which he does. She also attends her brother's comeback show.

In Chapter 20, Vio's VC Design Club is facing a big problem after Kane Austin decides to ask Mr. Damon to merge them with Downtown District. They are prepared for war and even asked for Kim's help, but later decided to resort to negotiation. Vio then attends the sitdown with her buddies at VC Design Club and thankfully Kane realized his mistake, so the two parties eventually agree to support each other without changing anything.

From then on, Vio remains behind the scene, enjoying her works at various Clothing Shop. She appears on screen a few more times, giving Kim & Ron fashion advice when they cross path.


  • In real life, Vio is also very strict about copyright, and she often causes public disturbance about stolen arts, even just a tiny piece. However, her nickname was chosen by herself and has nothing to do with her hot temper.
  • Vio and Kazuki are not related in any way in real life - they don't even talk often on GO forum. Their relationship in this series is strictly fictional.
  • All of Vio's friends who work for VC Design Club (Transley, Yuzie and Wis) also work for GO Design Club.
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