Dave Itycal, in his new outfit

Dave Itycal, often called Tycan, is a minor character in Audition's KP The Series. He is based on GO forum member tycan171

Character descriptionEdit

Tycal is a tall guy and has short hair. He wears a black hat, purple pattern short T-shirt, white long pants and 3-colors shoes. Later on, Tycan dons a more formal suit consists of a black R.I.P shirt, black pants and biker's shoes, and he has a Bi-Rain 2 style haircut.


Respected by most Audition dancers, it’s quite understandable that Itycal is a high ranking member of Dance For life guild - he is not only excellent at Beat-up , but also One-two Party and beat-rush. Itycal works together with ™No_1™ members in an anti-cheating group - they offer to be judges for tournaments that requires online compete, in which cheating may be abused and only experienced judge can detect a result is clear or not. outside the stage, Itycal remains as a good friend of Liz and Kilar, though sometimes he can be seen with Vanez and Toma, but this is just their works.

Role in StoryEdit

Itycal is first featured in Chapter 11 where he helps Ron set up promotional posters for his upcoming comic, on request by Liz. He also has Ron does them a favor in return, which is driving him, Vanez and Toma around town for a day. Later on, Kim and Mindy competes in a face-off battle party and Itycal becomes one of the judges along with his friends Vanez and Toma, though he is the only one who doesn't enjoy the ending part. From Chapter 13 onward, Itycal changes to his second appearance and often share small talks with Kim and Ron every once in a while.


  • Itycal is the only character to have a complete model changes, due to his personal request to author RonBWL. Because this is a one-and-only change, it doesn't affect the comic much, also because he is just a minor character
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