Ellene Andy

Ellene Andy, known as Ellen, is a support character and a minor Antagonist in Audition's KP The Series. She is based on GO forum supporter

Character descriptionEdit

Ellene is tall and has brown hair. She wears fashion sunglasses, a white-stripe pull top, blue jean and God of Death Bikini set sandal.


Not much is known about Ellene’s history - she used to work with Mr. Damon some times ago before her promotion to Supporter. It is rumored that the decision was made due to her farther’s large donation to the city, considering that Ellen didn't contribute much before her promotion. But everyone knows Andy family is rich and powerful, so they could, in theory, do anything to get Ellene to the manager team. Currently she is leading the Audition Manager branch in Vice City after transferring there from Los Santos - small talks claim that she wants to help developing this town to a new height, but judging by her characteristics, it’s easily to guess that she won’t cooperate well with the current management team, especially Kim and Ron.

Role in StoryEdit

Ellene first appears in Chapter 19 after her transfer to Vice City - she donates money to the City Hall for a new HQ, on the condition that it's modeled exactly like the one in Los Santos. Immediately after meeting Kim, Ellene assigns her to desk job, claiming that she took over event management works to "easy up the team's works", but Kim feels more like she has been demoted. Not long afterward, the event Made By Me started, and due to an incident that leaded Kim to spend away Ron's hard-earned money, she decides to leave town to get it back by working part-time, leaving Ellene to deal with the event herself. Because of this, the event ended with some dispute over Lyly and Mindy - Ron immediately realizes that Ellene didn't tell him about this and he goes to question the latter soon afterward. Ellene then blows Ron off, stating that she is in charge here, and Ron quickly retaliates by asking Mr. Skyline to change him to Community Manager. With this, Ellene can no longer control Ron, and she has to deal with the office's work herself. But this trouble soon ends as Ellene's friend, Ms. Kate, comes to work with her in Chapter 20.

Much later on, during Chapter 24, Henry tells Ellene about some trouble with the Market along with current policies issue, leading her to convince Mr. Damon to change it so that Managers are no longer allowed to do Middleman business. After the new policies caused both Windy and Dan to disappear from their job, Henry meets Ellene again and gives her some money, as "the community's token of gratitude" - the deal, however, was filmed by Kim and she managed to deliver evidences to the City Hall, despite the EPR's effort to try to destroy it. As a result, Ellene is fired and forced to leave Vice City, and Andy family also stopped donating money to VC.

It's later revealed that Ellene was hired by Aniv Corp. - in Chapter 38, she works for the Easter Event and convinces Mr. Sonny that the current rule would cause them too much trouble, leading him to change it all of a sudden and Ellene goes around town to spread the news. This immediately flips off the community, and they team up to voice against Aniv, forcing Sonny to pull it back.


  • In real life, Ellene also clashes head-on with the author RonBWL on GO forum. The incident regarding Made By Me event is a direct reference to a same name event on GO forum where they got into an argument over Mindy and Lyly's position, and Ellene ended up abusing her authority to shut RonBWL up.
  • Although Ellene appears corrupt in this series, she may not be that evil in real life. She does, however, get fired, but it's because someone hacked her Supporter account and caused problems on the forum.
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