Frank Norid

Frank Norid, often called "n0n0" is a support character in Audition's KP The Series. He is based on fsp.n0n0 on GO forum

Character descriptionEdit

Norid is a white boy with black hair. He wears earmuffs all the time, and his outfit consists of a Baseball jacket with Street Boy short pants and black sandals


Norid works as Judges for most Audition Tournament and he is well-liked by many dancers due to his straight judgments with no special treatment for high ranking one. He also has experiences to deal with unpredictable problems like score lag, turn lag, making his judgment even more accurate at creditable. Rumors has it that Norid often helps out his friends in Tournament at time, but only in case that they are definitely at disadvantage due to unfairly condition (stated above). Aside from his work, Norid also attends public parties and events with his wife Roxas, but he does not favor a particular dance mode up to date

It is stated that Norid also hangs out with Moonie, a fact that Roxas is well aware of. They are hostile with each other at first, but eventually make peace and "share" Norid together

Role in StoryEdit

Norid is first seen in Chapter 4 where he is one of the Judges for the Final Round - after learning that Kim has been kidnapped, Norid came up with a plan to delay the final result announcement, allowing Ron to sneak into Caligulas to rescue Kim. The plan didn't work out as Kim is poisoned into coma anyway, but eventually Katz is chosen to be the winner, so he could marry Brie in the end

Much later on, Norid manages Wishing For My Love event, and he intends to help Ron win an Angel Note for Kim in the first week. Kilar then stops him and states that Ron want to win later, so people won't suspect him of cheating - as a result, Norid puts Kilar on the first week's list, effectively earning Liz the only Angel Note of that type (As WFML is eventually canceled due to Valentine's interfere)

In Chapter 9, Norid got caught up between Moonie and Roxas' brawl, and the two eventually decide to compete to win his heart. Ron is chosen as judge, and he can't decide the winner because both are equally good - to this end, Ron declares the result to be a draw so Moonie and Roxas will stop fighting. His plan was intercepted by Hatelary and Milkywave, but he managed to pull it off eventually, so Moonie and Roxas end up making peace and "share" Norid together

Norid then returns to Vice City and serves at ATV Station. He occasionally crosses path with Kim, Ron and Leone every now and then


  • Norid's owner, fsp.n0n0, is a girl in real life. She prefers a male character so she could get a girlfriend in the comic legally
  • Norid is one of the few character to not have an intro page despite his support role. The Vietnamese version corrects this by adding an exclusive info page for him
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