Gokuson Chaffer

Gokuson Schaffer, aka "Goku", is a support character in Audition's KP The Series. He is based on Goku.ns on GO forum

Character descriptionEdit

Goku is white and always wears a wide hat. His outfit is made of red T-shirt and short brown pants, plus black sandal. He wears a black watch on his right arm and a black ring on his left hand


Goku is one of the veteran Managers, and he leads the main Help desk and Interglobal Film Studio, where people discuss and share new movies, cartoons, etc... Being good friend of Kilar, Goku is somewhat respected by many people thanks to his kindly and open-minded - but like Leone, he also has problem of work-focusing, sometimes getting his own fellas into trouble. One of Goku’s drawback however, he is too naive and thus no girls ever want to date him - so up to his age, Goku has very little knowledge about how girls work. Despite this, he does get along well with all female dancers, and he somewhat prefers a single life, though some girls set their eyes on him every now and then. Goku owns many business around the state, and he is one of the richest residents, probably only behind Ryan

Role in StoryEdit

Goku is first seen in Chapter 4 where Kil and Leo asked him to go find Kim - on his way to Ocean View hotel, he accidentally "found" Kim hiding in an alley without any clothes, so he must go get her something to wear. A while later, Goku becomes aware of Kim and Ron's situation and offers his help to solve their problem - he first invite the couple to San Fierro to shoot an advertisement movie, but Windy interfered it and took one of Goku's actor, thanks to their encounter in the last chapter. Goku then recruits Mr. Ryan, and he introduces Kim and Ron to Zinky Calque who will act as guardian for the movie. Afterward, he gives Kim a new apartment to live with her family in Vice City. It's Goku who provided the chopper to help Ron escape the police in Chapter 6, and he also "lends" Kim his car to help her chase after her imposter in Chapter 9.

Goku operates Sunshine Autos in Vice City, and he provides Kim and Ron with plenty of new cars for their personal uses throughout the series. Being rich, he also gives out money to Ron on occasion and does not ask for it back, though Ron still insists to repay it one day.


  • Goku is somewhat sensitive with Hot Scene, often complains about it on GO forum. So whenever a release contains one, RonBWL will notice that [ Goku should not read this one ] at the top of the post
  • In GO forum, Goku manages the Help Desk, which does not belong to Audition section, but in the comic he is still considered one
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