Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis, also called Jez, is a support character in Audition's KP The Series. He is based directly on the author of this series, RonBWL

Character descriptionEdit

Jerry is an albino guy with yellow hair and closed eyes. He wears a Punk-style T-shirt, black Major Choice pants and black shoes


Being somewhat an unlucky dancer within Audition world, Jerry looks completely different than his friends in town. Albino caused him to have an unique skin color that, also caused people to think that he is weird or having some sort of illnesses. Not only this, Jerry’s eyes are no good since he was young - he can only see things very close to him and it's permanent, so no glasses can help. This makes life very difficult for Jerry, and he doesn't have much friends due to his appearance. Thus, Jerry is a lonely guy having to deal with life on his own - the only thing he’s good at is music, as he has quite good skill at Beat-Up, One-Two party and Guitar. He loves writing fan-fiction and making arts too, though his eyes won't allow him to join any art club.

Role in StoryEdit

Jerry is first seen in Chapter 12, commenting on Kim's words and the two have their first talk here. After making a false accusation, Kim wants to do something to make up for it and Jerry requests a ride home - afterward, he invites Kim in for a drink, and Kim gets to learn more about his life. Feeling a bit sad for Jerry's miserable fate, Kim decides to befriend him and promises she will be there anytime he needs.

A while later, Ron becomes aware of Jerry's art skill and decides to hire him to help with his comic. At first Ron was able to pay Jerry using his salary, but after the scam incident that leads to his income cut-off, Jerry was unable to continue working for Ron and had to return to his hometown. Again, he requests a ride to the airport, but Kim happens to have a terrible nightmare, so she ends up serving him the fly as well. Thanks to this, Jerry was able to spend his last day in Vice City with Kim, and he is quite happy that someone was actually nice to him. Before they part way, Jerry offers to thank Kim for everything, and he gives Kim a kiss to her hand before walking away. Later on, he keeps in contact with Kim and Ron via phones and emails.

In Chapter 17, Kim takes the chance with her trip to LC and pays Jerry a visit at his new business, Tw@ Internet Cafe. It's there that Jerry tells Kim about Mr. Sora, seemingly having some issue and they look into it together, but Jerry wasn't able to help any further.

When the "I, mine, me, myself" contest opens, Jerry was asked to represent Ron to compete, and he agrees to make a post for Ron under his name. After the contest is over, Jerry travels to Vice to see the result, but sadly they didn't win. Ron then drives him back to the airport, and Jerry claims that Ron deserve better things, so there's no need to worry about.

In Chapter 25, Kim once again visits Jerry at his shop, and they have a little talk about Ron. Though Jerry doesn't understand the whole story, he states that Ron didn't intend to hurt Jenny's feeling, and he just happened to know Liz's birthday due to public announcement.

Near the end of the year, CF Alliance is preparing for their 3rd Anniversary Party and Jerry agrees to lend them his airsoft collection for cosplaying. Little does him know, the guns were never used, and it even got stolen at one point, forcing Kim to go get it back. Since Kim decided to not tell Jerry about this, he simply assumed that he was useful for the community for once.

Not long afterward, Kim catches Jerry sitting alone outside during her trip in LC, and she is shocked to find out that Jerry's aunt, Mrs. Kaori, just committed suicide. Here, Jerry requests Kim's help to keep the loan-shark who's after her body away, and she does so by using a decoy car so Ron and Jerry were able to drive Mrs. Kaori out of town.

It was only the first disaster for Lewis family however - only one week later, Kim was informed that Jerry's brother-in-law was caught in a bus accident and in critical condition. Even though Kim managed to get Doctor Hossan to the airport quickly, they were one minute late to save Mr. Wu's life. Kim then pays Jerry a visit at his shop after they left the hospital, and she again insists that she will be there for him whenever he needs. First, Kim and Ron attend Mr. Wu's funeral and she plays a requiem song for him, and then Kim works on finding the guys responsible for this accident.

Jerry can also be seen in the bonus chapter LCS - here, he is picked up by Kim to attend the social party at Portland, and he also tells Kim about Kazumi's issue. Later on, Jerry is informed by Bonnie that Kim was ambushed and someone is posing as her - following her advise, Jerry sets off to find Kim using GPS signal from her phone. After arriving at the nearby construction site, Jerry wanders around until he hears some muffled voice, obviously from Kim. He then navigates around the place to find Kim tied up and gagged in a corner, frees her and they both return to Tw@


  • The name Jerry Lewis was one of RonBWL's oldest nickname, taken from the series Totally Spies.
  • Jerry's skin color was manually edited to have a unique white color.
  • Due to Jerry's near-sighted problem, his eyes are always closed. In real life, RonBWL also has his eyes "closed" most of the time because it's sensitive to bright lights.
  • Even though RonBWL writes the story around him mapped onto Ron's story, Jerry's story is also a complete match with his story as well. It could be said that Ron is more like his "online" character, whereas Jerry is his "real-life" character.
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