Kane Austin

Kane Austin (A.k.a "KA"), is a minor character in Audition's KP The Series. He is based on GO forum member besideyou.bwt.

Character descriptionEdit

Kane is black and has short greased hair. He wears R.I.P Couple Jacket, Fancy Red Couple Pants and black shoes.


One of the youngest Managers in Vice city, Kane works along with Mindy at Downtown Public Book Store, and the two appears to be good partners in general. Unlike Mindy, Kane always aspires to expand his business to prove that he is a successful manager - even some senior managers have to admit, Kane has great potential to lead a bigger district than what he currently does, but Kane decides to stick with Downtown since this is where his career started in the old days. Kane doesn't appear in public events very often, but he has decent dancing skill, allowing him to play on stage when needed.

Role in StoryEdit

Kane appears in Chapter 20 when he is given some management tips from Henry - according to this, he thinks uniting Downtown and VC Design Team is a good idea, so he intends to ask Mr. Damon to move the team to Downtown. This was caught on by Yuzie, and VC Design Team immediately retaliates with protest posters. Kim and Ron agree to help them out, but after Henry snuck in Kim's room and messed up the posters, Kane becomes offended and asks Ron to stop - Ron refuses, having no idea what's going on, so Kane took it as an insult and demanded Mr. Damon to suspend Ron. Kim dug further into the matter and eventually foiled Henry's plan - at this point, VC Design Team also calms down and decide to solve their issue by negotiation. Following this, Yuzie and the gangs have a sitdown with Kane, and they eventually reach an agreement that profit both parties without having to change anything.


  • Kane's nickname KA is based on his forum nickname (Ca) - this is not the same with Kim's name in short (K.A) - it's a single word rather than two characters linking together.
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