Katherine McShaw

Katherine McShaw, better known as MC Kate, is a support character in Audition's KP The Series. She is based on GO forum member Kate.MC.

Character descriptionEdit

Kate is a young lady with black Party-style haircut. She wears yellow T-shirt with pink heart, short yellow dress, black long shocks and yellow shoes.


It's said that Kate used to work in Vice city a long time ago - she was very friendly and open minded back then, but everything changed when Kate was promoted to “Supporter”. Since then, she travels around the world acting as representative for many cities and towns - wherever needs her, she is there. Thus, many people think that Kate is much more self-centered than before - though she tries to be honest most of the time, it’s still easy to see it in her attitude. Generally, Kate is a good supporter, but her blind loyalty to whoever she is working with is her biggest problem - sometimes she even stands up to the community to protect her bosses even though it’s clearly their fault. Kate often gets into trouble deciding who she sides to: her bosses, or the whole community.

Role in StoryEdit

Kate first appears in Chapter 20, having been transferred back to Vice City after getting fed up in Las Venturas. She becomes teammates with her old friend Ellene and subsequently Kim and Ron's boss - Kim seems to not mind Kate, while Ron quickly blows her off after her introduction due to Kate's work absolutely helps nothing in Ron's work. Kate, displeased with Ron's attitude, leaves and picks up Charlie from VCPD HQ after his release, and drops him off at his place in Prawn Island.

In the next Chapter, Ron was tricked into doing shadowy business with Victor and got his account on lockdown. Windy persuades Kate that Ron was simply a victim, and Kate sets off to negotiate with VC bank to release his account using her standing to assures he would return the cash he spent. The negotiation is succeed, and Ron follows Kate's instruction to pay off the money he owed VC Bank, thus successfully got his account back.

Not long afterward, Kate offers Ron a translation work to help paying off his debt (following a rather ugly incident in Valentine Day). She gives Ron the documents and Ron makes sure it's translated from Japanese to English properly - however, his work is almost blown off when some people, not informing Kate anything, went ahead and translated the main stuff first. Eventually Kate settles it for Ron and he continues working on the Wiki until it's fully translated. Ron then delivers his works to Kate personally, and Kate sees to it that he gets his full payment as soon as possible.

She keeps appearing in subsequent chapters observing Kim and Ron's works.


  • Kate's appearance is chosen based on her GO forum avatar. She doesn't actually like Yellow too much in real life.
  • Almost all of Kate's problem with Ron is based on real life problem between her and the author RonBWL.
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