Kazuki Vio

Kazuki Vio, aka Kazu, is a support character in Audition's KP The Series. He is based on GO forum member vip_khoi1998

Character descriptionEdit

Kazu is a white boy with thick black hair. He wears white glasses with red checker T-shirt, black long pants and white YouKnow-1 Shoes.


There is something special about Kazuki Vio, Civile’s younger brother - he seems to play only guitar and completely ignores other mode, even couple dances. While everyone often dances other mode once in a while, Kazu never shows up outside TFC arena and tournament - this makes him somewhat less popular than his friends due to his absence in regular events. He does, however, show up with his sister in general festivals and parties, and here, he is well known as a TFC star - in fact, the reason that put him into hospital three years ago was due to his own popularity too. During that time, he became the unfortunate hostage of Anzu, being confined in Shoreside hospital so his sister won’t say anything against Anzu. Now, he is back to his normal life under VCPD’s protection, all thanks to Kim’s work.

Role in StoryEdit

Kazu is first mentioned by his sister in Chapter 17 - after learning about his situation, Kim breaks into Shoreside hospital and free him by changing his documents to "cured". He then returns to Vice City and starts practicing Guitar to get back to his feeling - eventually Kim is introduced to Kazu properly in Chapter 18. Here, Kazu asks for Kim's assistance in his Returning Show, also to advertise I, mine, me, myself event. After Kim agrees to the deal, Kazu tells her to go get a special made guitar he ordered Goku for her. At the big day however, Kim is hit by Azu's prank and ends up in plain outfit, which worries Kazu a bit since people will make fun of her. Despite this, they managed to pull off the show perfectly thanks to their skill. Kazu is back at showbiz from then on, and he plays on behalf of Kim and Ron whenever they asked him to - most notably, at the end of Chapter 35, Kazu performs a custom song Ron made in his Way Back party to let Kim knows that they can start over again.

Incidentally, Kazu's love story regarding Kazumi Vio, is revealed in the bonus chapter LCS. Here, he has plan for a guitar show in Kenji's casino but one of his girls ditched the band right before the show starts, and Kazumi happens to catch wind of it. Taking up the chance, she offers to play for Kazu, and the show is saved, though Kazumi has to give up on trying to acquire her inheritance. They engaged soon afterward (Which allows Kazumi to reclaim her father's business) and celebrated their Wedding in Liberty City, before moving back to Vice.


  • Kazu is stated to be 17 in this series, but he is much younger in real life (He was born in 1998). This is due to model limitation, so Kazu can't appear younger with a general appearance.
  • Kazu has couple friends in both Audition VN and Audition Korea, the latter appears as Kazumi in this series. He formally requests it with RonBWL and Kazumi was given a role as a result. The bonus chapter was created to tell more about their past, though this is strictly fictional and has nothing to do with his real life relationship.
  • As mentioned, Kazu and Civile are not related in real life.
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