Kazumi Vio

Kazumi Vio (Mrs. Vio) is a support character in Audition's KP The Series. She is based on GO forum member mxnt97.

Character descriptionEdit

Kazumi is a white girl with long black hair tied to the left. She wears a pink T-shirt with white heart, Sexy Perfume short jean and white Doll Shoes.


Kazumi is shy and doesn't talk too much - she hangs around the Backstage and chills out with friends, only speak when necessary. Still, whenever someone needs help, she always shows up and does whatever she can to lend them a hand, even if it means requesting help from other people she knows.

It’s said that Kazumi has been in love with Kazuki for a long time since he is treated at Shoreside Vale hospital - as his nurse, Kazumi developed a silent crush on Kazuki and she even wished that Kazu never left Hospital so she could be with him forever. After Kim successfully broke Kazuki out, Kazumi quit her job and traveled to Vice, where she finally confessed to Kazu. Not long afterward, they married and Kazumi is now working at Robina Cafe to improve her guitar skill - she prefers freestyle, but Kazu is a guitarist, so she wants to be able to play with him too. Nobody knows her old name, and Vice City residents just call her Kazumi, as she “renamed” herself after the wedding with Kazuki last week.

Role in StoryEdit

Kazumi is featured in Chapter 29 - Kim goes to see her upon Goku's recommendation, and she promises to help jogging up Ron's memory by giving him a tour in Liberty City. After the trio arrive there, Kim parts way and Ron is left going on alone with Kazumi. The trip seems to help him a bit, but an unexpected trouble (cheater caught by Itycal) forced Ron to stop his trip and investigate it - Kazumi informs him about the Valkyr drug and leave so he and Kim can start planning.

Much about her background is revealed in the bonus chapter LCS - here, Jerry tells Kim about Kazumi who didn't attend the social party due to emotional problem, prompting her to investigate further. Soon afterward, KirsteinMiran pulled her into a related protection mission, ensuring Kazumi's safety before she can receive her inheritance. While Bonnie provides Kazumi a place to stay at her palace, Kim asks Jerry to act as her guardian at the court and Katz is requested to give Jerry a ride there. At the big day however, Kim is abmushed and Milky, posing as her, tricks Kazumi into thinking that the court will be late, so she wanders around to kill time, eventually encounter Kazuki who's in trouble as his band is missing a member. It is there that Kazumi made her decision to give up on the inheritance to help Kazuki instead - this won her his hearth, and they eventually got engaged a few days later. Due to this, Kazumi is eligible for her inheritance again thanks to a special note her farther left behind. Since Kazumi is not interested in running restaurant business, she left the works for her guardian Jerry and prepare for her Wedding before moving back to Vice City with Kazuki. Kim is unable to attend the ceremony, but she promises she and Kazumi will meet again in Vice (Which they do).


  • In real life, Kazumi and Transley are siblings, but they are not related by blood in this series.
  • Kazumi's real name is left unknown because she was first introduced when she is already married to Kazuki. In the bonus chapter which took place earlier, she is simply referred as "Kazumi".
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