Kilar Noodleboy

Kilar Noodleboy, a.k.a Kil, is a main character in Audition's KP The Series. He is based on kibita4690 on GO forum

Character descriptionEdit

Kilar has black skin and generic black haircut. He wears a white cap, gold earrings, long T-shirt and pants, plus green-white shoes.


Kilar is the popular Choreography Dancer in Audition world and he takes great pride in his ranking, not to mention some unbelievable records (Like the x56 Perfect on song New York). He is also a respected member of ™No_1™ clan and Love Mode, though later on he starts his own FAM, the ACE. Kil is very focus on sweeping out bad dancers, but he has a rather short temper, often argue and insult other dancers publicly which causes bad scandals at time, consider that he himself is also a manager in town. Despite this, Kil is still a community representative, and most people find his attitude well-suited for heated situation, especially when the town needs attention from high-ranking staffs.

Kil is the boyfriend of Liz, but he is not faithful to her, often flirts with other girls on public events and even try to hit on his fans. Liz understands it well and she claims that she remains on his side only to make sure his attitude won't send him to jail, plus Kil is still somewhat attached to her one way or another. In the end, though, Liz had to give up after Bertina appears, since she refuses to become Kil's secondary sweetheart

Role in StoryEdit

Kil first crosses path with Kim and Ron when they are on the way to their office with Leone. Later on, he makes a surprise entrance to the office whilst Leone is talking about him with K&R. Early on in the storyline, Kil accompanies Leo to guide Kim & Ron on their management jobs, and he becomes close friend with both, though his relationship with Ron soon drifts apart due to his own attitude. Ron does not make it clear that he hates Kil, but he eventually reveals it to Kil in Chapter 27, results in the end of their close friendship, though they don't hold grudge against each other afterward. Eventually, Kil got involved in the state-wide riot caused by his ™No_1™ fellas and accidentally hit Ron while driving a Monster Truck - following this incident, he decides to take all the blames and quit his management job in order to subside the riot in peace. From then on, Kil only makes minor appearance once in a while.


  • Kil's surname is based on his secondary nick name, Nobita. In real life, Liz often teases him with it since he is not very clever with housework.
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