KimAPTM is a co-author of Audition's KP The Series. She is a Vietnamese girl with black long hair, black eyes and yellow skin


Not much is known about KimAPTM as she keeps herself from public events and only works online. RonBWL apparently met her during their forum works, and the two became friends after playing together in Audition Online. It is said that KimAPTM was moved by RonBWL's story and agrees to be his "imagination friend" by taking over "Kim" character - before that, RonBWL played both accounts in Audition, and afterward he had a real partner to play with. Soon enough, KimAPTM applied to become Moderator, and she works alongside with RonBWL up until nowadays

Being only friends, KimAPTM simply does not fill up RonBWL's loneliness, but they are fine with the current situation since RonBWL won't get a girlfriend any time soon. She was married in 2010 and their playing time ended soon afterward, though the two still remain good friends

Comic worksEdit

Two of KimAPTM's original comic work, The Lost Gift and A no-named Sorrow, was merged into Audition's KP The Series as independent chapter. Because they are created much later on, RonBWL obviously has more time to edit and make it more comic-like. He also throws in lots of random stuff not found in the original comic, so it's more like a Remastered version. KimAPTM has no objection against these releases, and so far she is fine with the extended plot RonBWL wrote

Kim PossibleEdit

Just like RonBWL, KimAPTM was referred by Kim Possible, even though her story is not mapped to Kim's since it just follows RonBWL's story. Since KimAPTM only plays her character in a short time before taking over "Kim", RonBWL decides to not include her in the series to make it less confused

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