Kim Possible

Kimberly Ann Possible is a main character and the main protagonist in Audition's KP The Series. She is based on her real-life cartoon character, Kim Possible

Character descriptionEdit

Kim is a white girl with red-long hair and green eyes. She wears a pink T-shirt, grey pants and black-white shoes on daily basis, while at home she wears a green pull, blue jeans and shoes. Her mission outfit is exactly the same like her casual outfit, with violet T-shirt and blank pants with violet stripe. She has two main outfit when go on a date, her trademark LBD or an Aqua long-dress


Just like her real-life counterpart, Kim is strong, smart, helpful and she does everything for her boyfriend Ron. Taking on a larger role this time, to help developing Audition World, Kim's characteristic changes somewhat to adapt with this new world - as such, she is now capable of riding cars, using guns, boarding planes... though most of the time she still goes for hand-to-hand combat, if the opportunity arises. Because of the smart villains here in Audition world, Kim tends to be more vulnerable to sneak-attack, and she is often shown being D.I.D (As for Ron said), though this usually doesn't last long and her life is never in danger.

As Kim and Ron are now officially dating, Kim is somewhat more aggressive on love-expressing toward Ronnie, and she never hesitates to give him a kiss whenever the moods turn good. Kim is also more open to Ronnie, not afraid of being seen by him in embarrassed situation, though Ron still has a little fear with it. It's heavily hinted that Kim and Ron are going toward their happy ending here in Audition world before their assignment ends

Role in StoryEdit

As the main protagonist, Kim appears in every chapters


Being the main protagonist, Kim has a large set of vehicles she use throughout the story, be it personal or rential:

  • Red Felizer: Kim and Ron shares this convertible early in the story. As of Chapter 6, Ron became the sole owner.
  • Pink Stinger: Another convertible, Kim is given this car along with her Vice Point Apartment at the end of Chapter 5. She uses it until Chapter 16.
  • Yellow Stinger XS: Customized Stinger, used by Kim when she is in Los Santos.
  • Stinger XS Custom: Kim ordered her Stinger to be upgraded at the start of Chapter 16 - this car now has her and Ron's images painted on the hood and doors, plus her name on the trunk. Also her signature Hairdryer Grappling Hook is painted in the wheel rims.
  • Stinger XS Custom ver 2: Same as above but with new K&R's images, plus the trunk now has KP (heart) RS instead of Kim's name.
  • Infernus Custom: The latest convertible, also customized to feature Kim's images on the hood/trunk and car doors. Her name is now painted on the wheel rim and it comes with a custom license plate saying "Kim Possible". Due to the custom plate, Kim can only drive this car in Vice City.
  • Blue Stinger VS: This is Kim's vehicle of choice when she goes undercover as Jess. Has a different wheel rim, with blue windshield and rectangular bar on top of the driver/passenger seats. She also drives a dark grey version in Carcer City.


Even though Kim mostly utilizes hand-to-hand combat, she adapts herself to the dangerous criminal arena in Audition World and gives herself freedom to use guns whenever the sitch calls for. These includes:

  • PSG-1: A basic semi-automatic sniper rifle. Kim uses it in Chapter 2 to blow up Valen's car wheels, forcing him to pull over.
  • Chicago Piano Gun: Miran's signature SMG which Kim freely has access to. Usually used to deal with large amount of armed villains which are impossible to beat with just Kim's hands.
  • Silenced 9mm: Another weapon in Miran's stash, useful for stealth action. This is the gun that helped Kim to thwart Valen's dangerous scheme at the end of Chapter 36.


  • Kim has a generic Red Hair most of the time, but she also shows up with her traditional hair-style on occasion. The same happens with Ron.
  • Even though Kim has static green-eyes, the colors actually varies a bit between her face model. This is because the green-eyes are colorized in most case but left untouched with face model that already comes with green eyes.
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