Kirstein Sese

Kirstein Sese, often short-called Kir, is a support character in Audition's KP The Series. He is based on GO forum member kirsteinsese and DeviantArt member miran-hijiri

Character descriptionEdit

Kirstein is a white boy whit silver hair. He wears a Dancer's Dark Blue Vest, Dark Blue Jean and Royal Shoes


Not much is known about Kir’s life - he is a person who is observant and yet very clumsy and forgetful. also He gets both a problem with girls and has an inferiority complex too. He considers himself a noob, though most of his friends say otherwise. He had happened to find out that his sister went missing, so he worked for the VCPD or that very reason, As well as for the fact that Dan is there. As audition world grows largely, Kir switched to undercover brand in order to silently protect the city from shadow - currently Kir is Vice Squad member, but he could appear along with Dan in other cities whenever troubles occur.

Role in StoryEdit

As one of the law enforcement members, Kirstein appears quite often during Kim's mission

Kirstein is first introduced to Kim during Chapter 12, telling her to meet Dan to work on the accident case regarding Liz's mother. When Kim intends to go to Las Venturas for more info, Kir is the one suggesting her to go undercover with a new identity. He later assists Kim by busting the EPR along with Dan, and it's also there that he meets his missing sister, Summerier. The two later moved back together, resulting in Summerier returns to Vice City and settles there with her boyfriend Shintana.

A while later, the Rubber Clan, specifically Anzura, gave Ron a lot of trouble, and Kir happens to figure out they are up to something. He then warns Ron about it, although the two couldn't do anything much until the press catches on thanks to those posters that Anzura spread out. After Anzura is defeated at the court and pushes it one last time by badmouthing Ron on the news, Kirstein is pissed off and he decides to go against the law for once, wounding Anzura personally and has Dan cover it up for him.

Kirstein then keeps working alongside Dan until Dan got fired in Chapter 24 due to his Middleman work. There, he complains that this world is so unfair as Dan has been serving the city for years, and all of the suddenly he got fired because someone snitched on him. Since then, Kir remains on the VCPD alone, occasionally requests Dan's assistance for a price, and he vows to not let anyone else suffer the same fate with Dan


  • Kir owns a blue VCPD Cheetah, the same model with Dan albeit with different body color.
  • Kir is the only character to have a split personality displayed into another different character, Miran.
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