Milkywave Orkin

Milkywave Orkin, known as Milky, is a support character and a villain in Audition's KP The Series. She is based on YOMILK123 on GO forum

Character descriptionEdit

Milky has tan skin and always wears a white pot-hat on her long brown hair. She wears a special white-blue set with blue gloves, a large pants and white heels. Later on, Milky spots a more casual blue-green dress with short brown hair


It is unclear how Milkywave “Milky” got involved with criminal world - like Andreas, she is in the middle of good and bad world, often shows up nicely in every events, parties, competitions - Freestyle is Milky’s favorite dance mode and she owns many great dance routes, some are unique to her. Back to the dark world, Milkywave is believed to be Andreas’ advisory or like Yazuird, a scout girl. However, one of Milkywave’s talent is fashion - all the clothes and outfits in Audition world are in her brain. For that reason, she never gets caught by law enforcement, as she can easily drop her tails with some clothes changing. Only a few people knows Milky's real appearance and even then they can't be totally sure if it's actually her or not. Milky is capable of disguise as anyone on low-level trick, while she has other high-tech equipment to help turning herself completely into someone else, which makes it impossible to distinguish her with the real person

Role in StoryEdit

Milky first appears in Chapter 4 where she promises to pull off Andreas' plan by tricking Ron to leave Vice City alone. She ambushes Kim and disguises as her to lead Ron to the airport due to "plan changes", which then send Ron to Las Venturas instead of Liberty City (Her boss, Hate handles it from here). Later on, Milky gives Kim a ride to Blue Island, effectively leading her to a trap that Valen and Chick laid in wait. Milky also appears in Chapter 9 disguising as Kim again to send false reports to spark war between Moonie and Tiamny - here, Ron manages to find out the real Kim and Milky gets knocked off the cliff. In Chapter 16, Milky disguises as Ron to lead Kim to another ambush, then puts her in the car trunk before driving off with Hate to their warehouse. A while later, Hate hires her to disturb Kim and Ron's Valentine date, which she manages to pull off properly. Not long afterward, Milky is tasked to scam Monique by disguising as Ellene, and she keeps the money as payment. Several months passed by, and Milky is hired again by Hatelary to spread the words as Azu, which she does only because of the high payment

Milky also appears in the bonus chapter LCS, disguising as Kim and ambushes her to trick Kazumi into missing the court. Her plan backfired as Bonnie manages to find it out and used it against her, which prompting Milky to swear not to ever get involved with Kim again.


  • Milkywave is similar to Adrena Lynn in the original KP series, albeit younger and much less evil
  • Milky's character model changes significantly in the later half of the series. RonBWL claims that her old model simply requires too much editing, so he did so to simplify his work
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