Miran Hijiri

Miran Hjiri is a support character and a (supposedly) villain in Audition's KP The Series. She shared the same character with Kirstein Sese, being his dark-side mind on the underground world.

Character descriptionEdit

Miran has white skin and blue wind-blowing hairstyle. She wears yellow short T-shirt with blue coat, short grey pants and blue sandals.


A mysterious villain from Los Santos - Miran is actually Kirstein's disguise in order to talk to other people. She is the polar opposite of Kir, flirty style even though she is supposed to have a boyfriend. She is very sociable in the criminal world, taking info from other thugs quite freely. Also she has a huge crush on Dan but it’s just a little secret she keeps for herself. Within the criminal world, Miran is feared by most villains because of her firearm hobby - she owns a very powerful Chicago Piano gun and she is not afraid to use it on anyone against her. As a result, all the big guys have to pay respect to her once in a while if they want to go on business peacefully - this allows Miran to cover most criminal activities while remains undercover easily.

The fact that Miran is Kirstein in disguise is only known by very few people, as she can't risk to have her cover blown by recklessly reveal it to her friends. Only Dan and Kim/Ron can contact her.

Role in StoryEdit

Miran is first introduced to Kim via Dan in Chapter 16 - she tells Kim that the villains are planning to go after Windy during the Best Manager Contest and gives Kim access to her car plus the Chicago Piano Gun, in case Kim needs firepower to stand against someone. After the problem is resolved, Miran informs Kim that the contest has ended properly with Windy in first place as everyone expected. Right in the next chapter, she is seen talking to Ron about Hate and Azu going hidden in Liberty City, so Ron should be careful there. Miran then sells Andreas and Henry an attack jeep, before informing Kim about their plan to assassinate Vio on her way to the court. Miran then personally hands Kim her Chicago Piano Gun one more time so she can defend the FBI Truck against Andreas, which Kim does. From then on, Miran keeps herself low and pops out once in a while to inform Kim/Ron about various situations and tell them what to do. Occasionally Kim comes to Miran herself to request help, and Miran always accepts the favor.


  • Like every other villains in disguise, Miran is equipped with a special Skin Outfit that completely hides his male counterpart. No physical encounter can blow her cover, unless the skin is torn apart.
  • Even though Miran is said to be excellent with firearm, she never appears during any firefight. This is because of her high ranking status that nobody dares to come after her, and obviously she has no reason to chase after them since it's Kim's job.
  • It's revealed that Miran has a hideout in Los Santos where she stashes her weapons. Kim and Ron are told about this place during their (off-screen) talks, so they can drop by and obtain firearms whenever they need.
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