Monique is a main character in Audition's KP The series. She is based directly on her real-life cartoon character, Monique

Character descriptionEdit

Monique is a black girl with long black hair and brown eyes. She always wears a pink flowers shirt with pink long pants and shoes, while her home outfit consists of a red pull top and red checker-pattern dress


Like in the original series, Monique appears friendly, bubbly and outgoing, willing to be friend with anyone who's not hostile toward her. She doesn't have much friends here in the world of Audition, but that doesn't mean she is not popular - many people know her and work with her on occasion, though the bad guys also had their eyes on her sometimes

Monique appears to resemble herself in the past more, with little fighting skill and vulnerable to sneak attacks, thus she always needs to rely on Kim or Ron to help out in tight situation. She still serves as good adviser for Kim though, her ideas often help turning the table around in an instant, whether it's a mission or simply some random troubles Kim stumbled upon

Role in StoryEdit

Monique, along with Bonnie, arrives at Audition World following the end of Chapter 5 and they first appear in Chapter 6, accompanying Kim in her daily route for the first time. Monique immediately got caught up in a vandalism case that blamed Ron, and she works with the tweebs to figure out who's behind this. After inspecting the picture Bonnie gave out, Monique eventually notices that the culprit has different skin color than Ron - it's there that she got kidnapped and taken to a remote place so the truth won't be found, though Jim & Tim managed to free her later on. Monique returns the favor by rescuing them at Saint Mark's Bistro before the guards catch them - together, they flee the scene with Kim, and Monique later on thanks Lizard for sheltering Ron at L.C. Afterward, Monique sticks along with Kim on her work around the West Coast and East Coast, occasionally giving her valuable advice


  • Monique is named Monique Francis in the Vietnamese version, which is just an assumption on RonBWL's side
  • Monique's casual outfit is supposed to match her older outfit in KP Series, though the colors do not match (It's Pink instead of Red). The reason is simple; there are no outfit that matches Monique's in the series that's colored Red in Audition VN, so RonBWL has to pick appearance over color
  • Being a fictional character, Monique also serves as models in some Hot Scene and D.I.D scene alongside Kim
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