Moonie Scarlett

Moonie Scarlett, aka Mooni, is a support character in Audition's KP The Series. She is based on GO forum member moonie.gdt

Character descriptionsEdit

Moonie has long yellow hair with white bow. She wears a Jelly Set shirt, Jelly Set Dress and high heel with pink lock. She is often seen carrying a Black Metal Guitar as well


Being an average guitarist and expert choreography dancer, Moonie's main hobby is designing - unlike Lizard, she loves generic digital arts rather than comic. Monni is the leader of Audition Design Team, and she has many good handmade productions. her weakness however, is passion focusing - once creativity get on her mind, she must concentrate on it till the end. Thus, she doesn't show up in parties often and doesn't have much close friends. Norid is one of her only contacts, and they also have a secret relationship behind Tiamy's back

Role in StoryEdit

Moonie is first seen in Chapter 9 where she took the challenge to design a new Angel Note for Audition Community. She asks Kim to perform at Leo's wedding party so she can focus on her design, which Kim does. Shortly afterward, Moonie is caught affiliating with Norid by Tiamy - after an amusing cat-fight, they decide to compete fairly to win Norid's heart, with Ron as Judgment. The competition ends with a draw, so Moonie and Tiamy make piece and agree to "share" Norid together. In the end, Moonie delivers the new Angel Note design to Kim, which is then used on subsequent events

In Chapter 20, Moonie got caught up in a civil war against Downtown section, when Kane Austin plans to ask Mr. Damon to merge Audition Design Team with his district. She gives Ron protesting posters to spread around town, while Yuzie gives Kim some as well. In the end, Kane agrees to have a sit down, so Moonie leads the team to have a talk with him. They eventually make piece and form an alliance, which both party support each other remotely


  • Moonie is one of the few characters to have outfit-change, requested directly by her owner
  • Moonie's owner requested everything for her character, from name to outfit. The author RonBWL only improvises the info page to match her real life personalities
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