Natalie Jenny

Natalie Jenny, also known as Jen, is a support character in Audition's KP The Series. She is based on ™No_1™ Jeny on GO forum

Character descriptionEdit

Jenny is a short girl with light pink hair. She wears a pink "58" pull, white pants and basic black-white shoes


Jenny is born and raised in South, so she appears kindly, helpful and always do anything to help her friends and relatives, thinking little for herself. Whenever it's just talking, gossiping, or simply some random words, she'd do so day or night, weekdays or weekends, as long as someone could feel happy about it. Jenny admires Ron as her older brother, and the two develop some kind of inmate relationship though it's still restricted to brother-sister love - Kim is well aware of it once she talks to Jen, and she even requests Jen to keep on her good work to encourage Ron on his life. Jenny is still a college student, so she has a bit of emotional complex coupled with her South nature - she is easily hurt if people forgets about her just a bit, and she tends to make things confused with her own deduction, regardless whether it's right or wrong. Despite this, Jenny is still willing to learn and she knows to admit her fault, even if it hurts a lot

Role in StoryEdit

Jenny is first introduced to Ron as Kim met her during her shopping stroll - it's Jenny who suggests Kim to buy her mission outfit here. Jenny and Kim get along well, with Kim sharing her background story with Jen during their strolls. Later on, Jenny attends a South Party and meets Ron there, only to witness an ugly encounter as Ron can't take the jokes lightly. A few more months passed, and Jenny host another social party at her mansion to celebrate about Ron's victory at his manager competition - she explains that everyone loves Ron, so South residents are as happy as North residents for this event.

Some times afterward, Kim discovers Ron's secret relationship with Jenny, so she decides to go to LC to confirm if it's good or bad. Ron has one day talking to Jenny freely and when Kim comes back, it's clear that both Ron and Jenny are happy with their brother-sister relationship - Kim then personally requests that Jenny continue buzzing Ron to keep him on his feet, which Jenny agrees. However, Jenny stops talking to Ron after her 18th birthday, which Ron fails to reply to her SMS due to his works. Kim returns to LC to talk about it, and Jenny refuses to believe her, claiming that Ron prioritizes Liz over her. This story is a bit confusing, but eventually Kim figures out Ron just happens to KNOW Liz's BD due to public announcement, that's it. Ron seems to understand the situation well, so he decides to make up his mistake with a White-BD gift - sending Jen a MV gift at March 14th with his apologize may do the job. Sadly, Jenny never responds to the gift, which makes Ron believe he has been dumped. Following the incident that sent Kim to hospital, Ron lost hope to live and he leaves VC to lay low, but still writes one last letter for Jen, which Kim delivers it to her after she is discharged. Jenny, feeling guilty that she pushed Ron to the corner, left one last letter for Ron before leaving LC to study aboard "to mature herself up", and she disappears at this point on.


  • Jenny has the basic Girl character model, which is exactly what she looks like when she first met RonBWL in Audition.
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