Prince Leone

Prince Leone, better known as Leo, is a main character in Audition's KP The Series. He is based on prince.leo on GO Forum

Character descriptionEdit

Leone has brown skin and short brown hair. He wears a blue T-shirt with "robot" prints, teal pants and brown boots.


Leone is friendly and outgoing, and he always looks to help making a better Audition World. From a low-ranking Manager, Leone often provide valuable suggestions to the City Hall, while taking care of newly recruited Managers to help them get used with the work. Leone likes Beat-Up and Beat-Rush, and he is pretty good with Guitar as well, though he spends most of the time to compete in Beat-Up Tournament. Leone is very strict with rules and sometimes people find it annoying, but overall he is well respected by most citizens in town as well as his partners.

Leo once had a crush on Mindy and even married her at one point, but the two quickly broke up due to hobby conflict, and Leo remained single afterward. He eventually found his true love, Rose, and the two have been engaged.

Role in StoryEdit

Leone is the first Audition resident to introduce himself to Kim and Ron, and he guides them on the early days of their Management Work. Later on, Leo is promoted to Town Manager and he spends more time on community works while Kim and Ron go on their own way, but they remain close friend after all.


  • Leone has the closest name on his real-life counterpart
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