RonBWL is the main author and editor of Audition's KP The Series. He is a Vietnamese boy with white skin, yellow hair and blue eyes, all caused by albino sickness


RonBWL was born in 1989 and lived through his high-school year quietly - everyone tends to pick on him and make fun of his appearance, so he only had a few friends in the old days. Things didn't get better for him at College, as his classmates only took him in during school projects or events, otherwise he was completely left out. The fact that RonBWL is permanently near-sighted and can't stay under sunlight for long only made it worse - he can't ride bikes and mostly becomes hindrance to his friends during outside activities. Despite this, RonBWL does have some good skill, like music sense, chess, E-V translation, and IT knowledge

RonBWL was never graduated from NIIT College - his classmates dumped him in Quarter 8, which made it impossible for him to finish any Projects and ISAS assignment. Throughout the Quarter, RonBWL tried endlessly to ask other classmates and teachers, but nobody listened to him. To this end, he decided to drop out at the end of the Semester, as continuing would simply waste his parents' money. Before leaving though, RonBWL managed to earn some Microsoft Certificates thanks to NIIT's programs

RonBWL currently works as cooperate Moderator for GO forum (now known as VTC Game) and he does a lot of random works outside it, including making Audition's KP The Series. His main goal is to open and operate an Internet Cafe, which allow him to use his experiences and connections to make a profit of it. His mom is still worried however, and as long as she still keeps her job, RonBWL simply has to wait. He uses the free time to concentrate on finishing Audition's KP The Series for that reason. He has currently retired from moderator work and focus on Content Creator on YouTube (mainly with his CrossFire videos, although he plans to become a Vietsub Walkthrough players later on)

Being a huge fan of Kim Possible series, RonBWL, however, is too shy to join any K.P fan communities aside from DeviantArt (A common site for artists) and Bonnie Rockwaller Page - rather, he makes his own KP Fan Community himself, though the site is static and pretty much just there for show. He used to own the same channel name on YouTube to share KP episodes with everyone, but due to DMCA strikes, he had no choice but to remove all videos to keep the channel as a memento (KPEpisode now took over his work)

Audition's KP The SeriesEdit

The comic was created with references to events around RonBWL during his work at GO forum. As a matter of fact, most characters are based of his friends on GO, whether on-demand or just story-based. It is now considered RonBWL's personal diary in the past 2 years, as it recorded most of his notorious incidents on GO forum

Jerry LewisEdit

Even though the story was mapped to Ron's story, RonBWL does represent himself as Jerry Lewis, an albino guy who is also permanently near-sighted. It's obvious that Jerry is just something RonBWL always wanted to be, and he has yet to achieve that dream in these years


  • RonBWL's partner, KimAPTM, is also a Moderator at GO Forum. She takes the role of playing "Kim" within Audition Online, even though they are just friends in real life
  • Ron Stoppable is supposed to refer to RonBWL in the series, as his story was mapped to Ron's story (And likewise, Kim refers to KimAPTM). Since Jerry Lewis also refers to RonBWL, he used the term "I, mine, me, myself" in the Reference box to indicate that Jerry Lewis refers him in real-life, whereas Ron Stoppable refers him on the Internet
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