Ron Stoppable

Ronald "Ron" Stoppable is a main character and the main protagonist of Audition's KP The Series. He is based directly on his real-life cartoon character, Ron Stoppable

Character descriptionEdit

Ron is a white boy with short yellow hair and blue eyes. He wears a red Universe T-shirt with brown pants and black shoes most of the time, while his secondary and mission outfit consists of a black "camera" T-shirt, black pants and black shoes. He also wears a luxury valet outfit when go on a date with Kim, plus an alternative Dancing Outfit is also available exclusive to him


Even after all those years hanging out with Kim, Ron is still a naive, innocent-thinking and helpful guy who fails at almost anything despite his good intention. In the world of Audition, he is a bit more success with his life as people here like to look at his good side and forgive about his mistake - still, he often runs into trouble with the bad guys more often as they don't like him and he doesn't like 'em, ever. Just like Kim, Ron adapts himself to live on in Audition World properly, mainly due to the fact that Wade and Rufus are not here to support him so he ought to make it on his own - as such, he can drive cars and use weapons to his advantage, though running and distracting are still his main strategy.

Ron is now grown up, so he takes it more serious about his relationship with Kimmie, often afraid of making her jealous, though he is still nervous when Kim gets inmate with him. Even that, Ron still shows no problem with hugging and kissing Kim in public, and he often gets along with Kim's "love invitation" when opportunities arise. It's heavily hinted that Kim and Ron will face their happy ending here in Audition world sooner or later

Role in StoryEdit

As the main protagonist, Ron appears in every chapters except the LCS Bonus Chapter (Where he is still in coma)


Like Kim, Ron gets access to quite a lot of vehicles throughout the story:

  • Red Felizer: Shared with Kim early in the story - after Chapter 5, Ron drives this car exclusively until Chapter 11 (Although he rents it once more time during Chapter 22, which is destroyed at the end). A Blue variant is used when Ron is in Carcer City.
  • Black Cartel Crusier: A SUV pick-up with off-road wheels. Ron uses this car until it is given to Goku as part of his deal to keep the debt off his back, but unfortunately it got destroyed by one of Goku's customers, so Ron never sees it again.
  • Teal Vincent II: A medium-sized sedan, given to Ron to use temporary after he paid some money back to Goku. Kim has the misfortune of getting tied up and gagged in the car trunk thanks to the EPR mistaking it for a car from San Fierro.
  • Red Landstalker-S: Ron requests a replacement for the Vincent II following the incident involving Kim since he doesn't want to see her stuffed inside his car trunk again. As such, Goku gives him another SUV with visible compartment at the back to store stuff.
  • Red Huntley S: The latest SUV in Vice City, given to Ron after he cleared his debt with Goku as a replacement for his destroyed Cartel Crusier. It is used exclusively when Ron is in Vice City.
  • Brown Landstalker: Ron's SUV in Los Santos after he moved there with Kim and Mei.


Although Ron still relies on running around and distracting bad guys, he also adapts himself and make used of firearms to defend himself when necessary:

  • 9mm: A basic pistol. Ron starts carrying it around after joining the Crime Stopper Squad to help dealing with bad guys.
  • Dragunov: Russian-made sniper rifle. Used once by Ron to remotely rescue Kim from Blue Island.
  • Uz-I: Compact SMG, favorite choice by Dan. Used once by Ron to escape from the KZ squad when he and Kim make their way to the airport.


  • Just like Kim, Ron is given a generic Yellow hair but he also appears with his original hair-style from the cartoon. However, Ron's original hair-style is much less edited than Kim due to simpler models.
  • Ron's eye-colors do not match with his original model in the cartoon. The author RonBWL simply made a wrong choice due to a fan-art, and he got to stick with it since it'll be too troublesome to edit all the images.
  • Ron appears to be stronger in this series, as he is capable of grab hold on Kim most of the time. RonBWL explains that it's "Kim getting WEAK within Ron's arm (the Power of Love)", and it makes perfect sense
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