Stephani Mink

Stephani Mink, often called Step, is a minor character in Audition's KP The Series. He is based on GO forum member

Character descriptionEdit

Step is a black guy with coal-color short hair. He always wears glasses with a black-dot T-shirt, Street Boy style pants and sandals.


An expert guitarist from Liberty City, Step is somewhat unpopular among his friends due to the fact that he is too good that no one can ever win him once, but that’s just small talk. Being an outgoing and talkative guy, Step is a well respected dancer - many people claim that he often helps them in guitar tutoring. Also, he rarely appears in TFC tournament to let people win - instead, he focus on beating hard guitar songs. He has quite good guitar records, often very impressive performance that not much people can pull off. Currently, Step lives in San Fierro to continue his career as a freelance guitarist seeking challenges to defeat

Role in StoryEdit

Step is featured in Chapter 15, hiring Ron to compose new guitar scripts for him to clear. He first contacted Ron and set up a meeting in San Fierro - after Ron agrees to the job, Step gives him a Wooden Classic Guitar with built-in composer so Ron can work on custom scripts faster. Later on, when the Zhan family fell apart, Step accompanies Ron to Sorae's house and disturb him so he had to go out and meet them. Taking advantage of Ron's works, Step threw in a very hard challenge that Sorae couldn't beat on-the-fly, giving the latter time to think about their family issue and eventually realized his fault. He is seen one more time in Chapter 18, going to Vice City to perform at Kazuki's returning show. From then on, Step remains behind the scene and enjoys Ron's custom guitar scripts.


  • In real life, RonBWL also releases special guitar scripts for Step to try out and make videos. It's not a business work between them though, rather, just a hobby in their free time.
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