Transley Zhan

Transley Zhan is a support character in Audition's KP The Series. She is based on mxnt94 on GO forum

Character descriptionEdit

Transley has violet hair and white skin. She wears a long violet blouse, violet-checker dress, long black shocks and violet shoes


Transley is the opposite kind of Azu, talkative and always messes around but kind and helpful. She likes Couple Dance and Beat-Rush, but also plays other modes once in a while, so she can pretty much perform at any public events. Transley is a member of GO Design Club and she makes artworks in free time, consider it to be her hobby. She works for the city board on occasion, but her main hangout is Vice Point, with GOD Club Members.

Transley is the daughter of Sorae Torrez and Sara, but she does not get along well with them due to her lesbian attitude - while Sara kinda accepts it, Sora does not and always tries to guide her back on track, which Transley hates. They eventually makes peace after the event in Chapter 15, though Transley still doesn't spend much time at home because of her works.

Role in StoryEdit

Transley first meets Kim at Tarbush Cafe and gives her some advises concerning Ron's issue - it's there that Kim discovers Transley's relationship with Azu. Transley then keeps appearing in subsequent chapters serving as informant and support character whenever the situation changes around Kim and Ron.


  • Transley's name is the extended version of her true name Tran (Trân). The codename is taken directly from her GO forum ID, which is initials of her real name (Ma Xuân Ngọc Trân)
  • Transley likes violet in real life, which explains her violet outfit.
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