Valentine Dwayne

Valentine Dwayne, a.k.a Valen, is a main character and the main antagonist of Audition's KP The Series. He is based on Valen on GO forum

Character descriptionEdit

Valen has brown skin and always wears hat and black sunglasses. He wears a grey shirt and coat, with light-grey pants and black-grey shoes


Among all the villains, Valen is the smartest guy, having been taken University diplomacy. It's unknown when he turned bad, but rumor has it that Valen got some sort of grudge against Leone and Kilar, thus he always plots against the Audition Management Team. Valen is the head villain in town, though he and his henchmen still had to pay respect to Miran in order to be left alone - his intelligence determines that fighting against Miran simply takes too much effort so it's better to be servile to execute his own plans. He seems to get along well with Henry and the EPR, often hire 'em to help carrying off his plans. Valen's best friend and bodyguard is Chick, and the two make the most dangerous pair in town, with Valen as brain and Chick as muscle

Role in StoryEdit

Valen is introduced very early in the Story - he first crosses path with Ron at North Point Mall, seemingly in a hurry to go somewhere. The two almost crash into each other though Ron dodged it and Valen ended up hitting the wall. Valen immediately blames Ron for it and even try to beat Ron up, but Kim arrives and saves her BF, forcing Valen to back down. Later on, he is informed by Azu about Kim & Ron's clash and immediately takes advantage of it to separate the couple, though at the end Kim caught on it and beat Valen to a pulp. After a few months in hospital, Valen is discharged and immediately plans a new scheme to get rid of Ron - he even manages to lure Kim to their place and set up a trap to kill her, but Ron manages to save Kim whilst Valen is heading out of town. Kim and Ron then give chase and eventually force Valen to crash, resulting in his second arrest. One year later, Valen is released and he again plans a scheme to kill Ron at his office, but Ron survived thanks to Kimmie. A few months later, Valen takes advantage of the conflict between Kil and Leo to spark a civil war, resulting in Kilar getting fired for the riot. Despite the downfall of the Audition Management Team, Valen continue causing 'em trouble, as his intention is to completely get rid of Kim and Ron, and he surely never gives up.

Valen is also shown trying to crash Secret Night party at the Dark-side world, hiring Henry to steal an Invitation card and use his cosplay role to bring explosive to the party. His plan, however, is thwarted as Kim sabotaged his car and snatched the Invitation card from him before he could get to the party.


  • Valen leads his own anti-government group, the Black Influence (B.I). In real life, Valen also leads an anti-moderator group on the GO forum, called the Black Organization (B.O), mimic the name of the Black men in the manga Detective Conan
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