Victor Manzano

Victor Manzano, often called Vic, is a minor character and a minor antagonist in Audition's KP The Series. He is based on GO forum member tu.hunnie.

Character descriptionEdit

Victor is a white boy with short yellow hair. He wears Smiley Couple T-shirt, Silver Jean and lazy Buberry Shoes.


Starting his career from ™No_1™ clan, Vicky managed to become a good dancer in both Beat-Up and Beat-rush mode, as well as Guitar mode because he studied TFC overseas quite some times before it actually reached Audition world. Vicky is quite honest and trustworthy, but he is not perfect - his friends claim that he’s not very reliable in important works, as he tends to not concentrate his best on completing it.

A few months ago, Vic met Ron in one of the public event, and they became quite good friends. but for some reason, Ron thinks that he should not introduce Vic to Kim due to him being unreliable, so that’s why Kim never knew about Vic until they formally meet up in Chapter 21.

Role in StoryEdit

Vic is featured in Chapter 21 when he reunites with Ron and request help with his business. After Kim meets up with Vic while looking up for Ron, she finds out that the "business" is actually money borrowing, and the way Vic treats Ron so nicely makes Kim suspect that this guy is up to no good. Afterward, Vic tries to hook Kim in as well, but he never reaches her phone, so a voice messenger is left for her instead.

At first it appears that Vic's Pawn Shop operate legally in Las Venturas, but eventually he is shown to have connections with bad guys, namely Henry in a two-way beneficial business, in which Henry used Vic to their advantage to launder money. The police soon caught on it, and Vic became sacrificial pawn for Henry's plan - however, Vic himself denies all responsibility since he believes that he did his part of the deal and whatever happened afterward is not his fault. Ron was one of the lucky victims to retain his Bank account, but even with their history, Vic still refuses to return Ron's money. Kim is pissed off by this, and once she discovers that Vic plans to flee town the upcoming days, she sets up and ambush and prepares to "punish" her with a Gold D-Eagle. Ron interrupts the scene, allowing Vic to escape but not before Kim fires her gun - the bullet barely missed Vic's head, scared him to death and he quickly runs off. Vic is never seen again at this point on.

Much later on, in 2020, he is shown to move his business to Steelport, operating both Casino Jack and Strip Club Queen. His business is interrupted when Ron hired Kyun to perform for the clubs, effectively preventing customers from spending money on gambling or prostitutions. Vic then attempts to throw Kyun off by hiring Andreas to do the job "legitimately" (and subsequently involved the EPR), although this does not escape Kim & Ron's attention.


  • Victor shares his name with another antagonist in GTA: TBoGT. His short name is based on tu.hunnie's IGN, Vicky.
  • Victor is the only antagonist to appear and disappear at the same chapter.
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