Windy Lucifer

Windy Lucifer is a support character in Audition's KP The Series. She is based on windy.luv on GO forum

Character descriptionEdit

Windy has brown skin and light brown hair. She wears a pink "Ice Cream" T-shirt, light pink miniskirt and red shoes


One of the senior managers, Windy is open minded and always cheer her friends on, no matter what situation they are in. Windy gets along well with most other staffs, though some dislike her due to her strict-rule moral code. Windy manages the Market Section and she takes responsibility to keep it fair and square, working with other shop owners to wipe out scammers and hackers - this is one of the main reason that many other staffs don't like as they often get compared to Windy, and this work is completely optional. Despite her reputation, Windy is just an average dancer and she rarely plays on stage due to her nervous, but she does attend public events and parties frequently

Role in StoryEdit

Windy makes her first appearance on Chapter 5 when she assaults Goku during his film shoot - Kim is able to calm Windy down and the two of them argue about Goku's "criminal" of stealing Windy's clothes. It is revealed that the clothing bag Goku picked up for Kim in Chapter 4 actually belongs to Windy, and while Goku insisted that he had no idea about it, Windy ended up taking away one actor from Goku, forcing him to recruit a new one to continue making the film. Windy then moves back to Los Santos to help Kim and Ron with their work on the West Coast, and eventually returns to Vice City to continue managing Market section, occasionally crosses path with Kim and Ron at the office

In Chapter 11, Windy got caught up in a scamming incident that framed Kenvin (plotted by Henry) - she managed to cool down the Market but could not save Kenvin's reps. Later on, Windy is informed about the laundered money found on Ron's account and she in turn forward the bad news to Kim, that Ron's account has been put on lock down. Windy then suggests Ron to seek help from Kate, and she talks with Kate about the case before Kate agrees to help Ron out. Eventually, Vice City decides to separate Market section off Vice Point and managers are no longer allowed to do middleman trading - following a heated argument with Mr. Damon, Windy decides to quit her job in order to retain her middleman trading business


  • Windy is one of the few support character to not have intro page on the English version. This was corrected on Vietnamese version with an additional info page
  • Windy's skin color was originally white, before RonBWL decided to change it to brown as there are already too many white characters
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