Wis Culen

Wis Culen "The Vampire" is a support character in Audition's KP The Series. She is based on GO forum member wis.govn.

Character descriptionEdit

Wis is a tall girl with black hair. She wears white headband, gold earring and spots a pink T-shirt, short white jean with white Converse shoes.


One of the youngest members of VC design club, Wis appears active and talkative - she often communicates with Yuzie and Vio in public events and parties. Like Vio, Wis is a bit short-temper, but she knows to hold her feeling when necessary, and she does see things thoroughly before talking. Wis is also a night-worker, and she takes care of all dark-style artworks - this is why she’s nicknamed “Vampire”, a term she chose for herself. Wis currently works part-time at north Point Mall, while spending her time looking for new artwork requests.

Role in StoryEdit

Wis plays a limited role in the early years - she is first seen alongside Yuzie, Vio and Transley at the end of Chapter 20 in a sitdown meeting with Kane. In Chapter 21, she becomes a staff at North Point Mall and is first introduced to Kim here through Monique. Wis then personally guides Kim through her shopping streak, but also reminds her to be careful because VCPD is working on a money laundering case, and buying too much stuff may lead them to question Kim's income.


  • Like Yuzie, Wis' appearance and name were personally requested by her namesake. Her characteristics were improvised based on what the author RonBWL sees her in GO forum.
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