Yazurid Majesty

Yazurid Majesty, better known as Azu, is a support character and one of the villains in Audition's KP The Series. She is based on Azu.koj on GO forum

Character descriptionEdit

Yazu always wears a VIP-I crown and grey earrings. She wears a green leaf-pull top exposing her belly and grey jeans with black belt, plus high teal-grey heels


Being one of the youngest dancers, Yazu has more free time to poke around and prank other residents in town - she is not much of a villain but also takes orders from other bosses in Vice City. Yazu often serves as spy for them, gathering information and finding people's weakness to take advantage of. She could be seen almost everywhere, even in restricted areas, though that doesn't mean she could get away clean every time. Despite the city's warning, Yazu never gets straight with her career, and she is the most annoying opponent that Kim never wants to face

Yazu has a twin cousin, Anzura, but they only talk on occasion. Just like Yazu, Anzura always plots against Ron though this is much more personal.

Azu is infamous for her lesbian attitude; she flirts and makes love with many other girls, though her only true buddy is Transley Zhan. It's speculated that Azu and Transley already went out, but some people don't believe it because the two keep quiet from public - only a few friends of Transley could ever see her on a date with Azu

Role in StoryEdit

Yazu is first spotted in Chapter 2, having eavesdropping on Kim & Ron's conversation and discovered their first clash. She then accompanies Andreas in Chapter 3, telling him about the upcoming South Party which Andreas take advantage of to cause troubles. In Chapter 4, Azu discovers that Kim and Ron are about to leave and reports this to Andreas for further plans to hold them back, which they managed to do. Later on in Chapter 6, Azu crosses path with Bonnie and gives her a hint to prank Kim, which Bonnie successfully pulls off. During Chapter 9, Azu caught wind of Ron's plan to end the battle between Monnie and Tyami, and she works with Hatelary to stop that, but they failed in the end. In Chapter 11, Azu is the one pulling the ropes to ruin Ron's comic, telling Mindy to help them gain access to Ron's computer at the office. She later supplies her cousin Anzura with Ron's comic pages in Chapter 14, which Anzu used to pin scandals onto Ron. A while later, she works on kidnapping Kim with her boss Hatelary to force Ron to compete Windy in Best Manager Contest. In Chapter 18, Azu finally returns to VC after hearing that her cousin has been arrested, and she immediately pulls a prank on Kim to ruin her performance with Kazuki, though Kim still managed to finish it. Later on, Azu suggests to Mindy that she persuade Leo to change the rule of I, mine, me, myself contest so Mindy can join as herself, effectively eliminated Ron's chance to win. Kim manages to catch Azu red-hand this time, and she is forced to admit her guilt about the kidnapping case, whilst returning Ron the ransom money (all prepared by Kim). In chapter 20, Azu helps Henry break into Kim's room to mess up her computers, though Henry himself messed up the plan somehow. Later on, she requests Milky to prank on Monique and scam her off some money in Chapter 22, which Milky does and keeps the money for herself. When Valentine is finally released, Azu carries on his plan to kill Ron, and they fail again but manage to seriously wound Kim in the process. Two months later when Ron returns to Vice, Azu quickly establishes a plan to ruin his debut show by stealing his outfit, but she got caught by Liz and had to suffer punishment directly. Later on, Azu is the one suggest to Toma that they should bring back justice to Kil, which caused state-wide riot and Ron ended up in coma. After Ron is discharged and had amnesia, Azu crosses path with him, only to get her secret photo displayed publicly by accident.


  • Azu's character model was requested personally by herself, much like Liz.
  • Azu's surname was originally Mazesty, until RonBWL changed it to match English standard.
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