Yuzumi Kwiatowski

Yuzumi Kwiatowski, better known as Yuzie, is a support character in Audition's KP The Series. She is based on GO forum member kwon.yua

Character descriptionEdit

Yuzie is a tall girl with long brown hair. She always wears purple bowtie and dons a  Jessica-7 clothing set with black boots.


As an active member of Design Club, Yuzie is way bubbly and outgoing - She has quite good dancing skill, but like Moonie, she spends most of her time making artwork instead of dancing. Yuzie also works as a manager, and she is wide known about her hot-temper - people often compare her with Liz for that matter, but that’s just small talks. Over all, Yuzie is quite reliable and she makes good friend with anyone who’s willing to be honest with her. This may explain why she gets along well with other managers in town, even some of them are not very friendly.

Role in StoryEdit

Yuzie is first seen in Chapter 20 when she asks Kim for a ride to her club, based on Moonie's suggestion. A while later, she discovers Kane's plan to merge the Design Club to Downtown and informs Vio about it. They decides to prepare for war, and Yuzie gives Kim the club's posters to spread around. Due to the bad guys interfering, the club has time to sit back and calm down - eventually, they finds out that it's best to try negotiating first. As a result, Yuzie, along with Vio, Moonie, Transley and Wis, have a sitdown with Kane, and they finally reach an agreement that keep both parties off each other's back while still growing up together.

Later on, Yuzie also appears in the Dark-Side World, asking Little Lynx to buy an invitation to Secret Night Party, only to have it stolen on his way back. She demands Kim to get it back before they can talk, and once Kim does so, she gives Kim the location of Ron.


  • Yuzie's name is a play on her GO forum ID. The first name Kwiatowski is taken from a character in Bully/SE game.
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