Zinky Calque

Zinky Calque (The Duck seraph), often called Zin, is a support character in Audition's KP The Series. He is based on zinky.couple on GO forum

Character descriptionEdit

Zinky is a seraph with white wings. He wears an Angel Set top with pink stripe pants and yellow duck shoes


Zinky is one of the most powerful dancer of Audition world - he has quite good dancing skill, though not enough to enter Professional section. His strongest skill is the ability to cast magic spells. No one ever found out where he learned this, but at least he does not abuse ‘em for personal benefits or bad purpose. Ever since he mastered his magic skill, Zinky chooses to take on the Seraph road, and he picks the nickname "Duck Seraph" for himself, thanks to his favorite shoes.. Many people think Zinky is weird, but mainly he did that to entertain everyone around Audition world. Zinky is friend with Goku and can often be called in San Fierro using their own codes - other than that, he can be encountered anywhere in Audition World. Despite being a Seraph, Zinky does have personal identity - he currently lives in San Fierro and can be contacted via telephone numbers

Role in StoryEdit

Zinky first crosses path with Kim and Ron in Chapter 5 where Goku asked him to provide security for his upcoming movie. It's there that Ron learned Zinky is the one who can help Kim with homesickness issues, and Zinky also assists Kim and Ron in their process of taking back Caligulas Casino for Mr. Ryan. After the mission is completed, Zinky grants Ron's wish and bring Kim's family and friends to Audition World to help easing her remaining days here.

In Chapter 7, Zinky got caught up in the Manager Election with Ron ended up in hospital - feeling guilty that someone used his name to lure Ron out, Zinky suggests that Kim fix the problem and turns her into Ron in one day so she could attend the meeting and regain Ron's position. Later on, Zinky becomes aware of the competition between Kim and Mindy, and this time he asks Ron to play in place of Kim (After they knocked her out) and win it for her. Zinky then remains in the background, occasionally provides help with his small magic to Kim and Ron whenever the situation arises


  • Zinky is the only non-human character in this series, and he is given a unique glowing color to illustrate his Seraph Form
  • Zinky's role is chosen upon suggestions on GO forum, and since his nameshake doesn't opposite, RonBWL goes along with it
  • Goku's code to call Zinky is "Hasta La Vista, Baby", which is just a random word that RonBWL recalls while writing the chapter
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